The Flash Might Be Forced To Reveal His Real Identity Publicly

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The Flash TV show aired its exciting mid-season finale and the conclusion is very shocking.

A new promo has been aired for episode 10 of Season 4 which returns in mid-January. Barry Allen has to find a good way to get out of this situation.

If you have not seen Season 4 episode 9 called 'Don't Run' I suggest you click away. Some major spoilers will be discussed down below, so some back later if you wish.

Anyway, Barry Allen is framed for a murder that he did not commit. The Thinker swapped bodies with a young man named Dominic. Dominic was inside the body of The Thinker's real identity Clifford DeVoe.

However, nobody but Barry knows of the body switching technique and nobody is going to believe him. The Thinker stabbed Dominic who was inside Clifford DeVoe's original body and placed it inside Barry Allen's apartment.

To make things even more convincing, The Thinker gave a knife as a wedding gift and Barry Allen touched it. Therefore his fingerprints are all over the knife making it harder for him to run away.

Thankfully, Barry Allen has allies in the police force as Joe West and Cecile Horton could help him out.

However, Cecile says in this new promo that Barry may have to reveal he's The Flash to everyone in order to get out of this mess.

Secret identities are important, although in recent times writers don't seem to care.

Marvel's MCU is a perfect example as many of its heroes' identities are already known by the public. Not to mention Spider-Man always has lots of people around him that knows Peter Parker is inside the suit...

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Barry Allen can do to convince the jury he's innocent. There won't be many people in Central City that will believe him that The Thinker can switch bodies with people.

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