Hear Macey Hensley Tell Ellen DeGeneres Her Secret Service Name

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The always candid and adorable Macey Hensley returned to The Ellen Show to catch up on what she has been up to since her last visit.

During her interview, Macey and Ellen DeGeneres had a very interesting conversation about secret service names.

DeGeneres asked Macey how the Barbie Whitehouse is working out for her and Macey said she plays with it everyday. The little presidential expert told DeGeneres that sometimes she pretends that Barbie has a secret meeting that she doesn't even tell her about and takes a flight to LA to The Ellen Show.

Macey has a dog names Jackie, named after JFK's wife. Macey said she only pees when she gets excited.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres asked about the former president and their wife's secret service name, she then revealed that her secret service name would be Ellen since she loved DeGeneres. The funniest part of the interview came when DeGeneres asked Macey about her lunchbox.

The lunchbox has all of the president's faces on it, however, instead of having President Donald Trump's face on it, she cut out a circle, and glued it on the box with a cotton ball that she highlighted in yellow.

Pretty creative huh?

Check out all of the hilarious moments with Macey from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Hear Macey Hensley Tell Ellen DeGeneres Her Secret Service Name