Steven R. McQueen Shows Support For 'The Flash': Teases Nightwing On Instagram Again

Star of The CW's, "The Vampire Diaries," Steven R. McQueen took to Twitter to show some support for "The Flash" and continues to tease fans with "Nightwing" hashtags on Instagram.

"Awesome stuff tonight @grantgust," tweeted McQueen to show his support for another member of The CW family.

The tweet came after the series premiere of "The Flash" starring Grant Austin who played the speedy superhero from DC Comics in a super hyped up debut.

McQueen once started the Nightwing rumors and denounced them saying that it was just wishful thinking.

However, as rumors continue to circulate that a "Teen Titans" show may be closer to getting a pilot, McQueen has started posting some more teasers this month leading them to believe that the show may be very close to fruition.

"DC Comics is looking to team with TNT for a young super friends live-action series," reported

"The cable network is nearing a deal for a Titans pilot, which will star Batman's sidekick Dick Grayson leading a fledgling band of DC heroes."


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McQueen posted this photo of a circus tent and adds the hashtag #nightwing to his Instagram account.

Comic book junkies will already know the significance of the tent as Dick Grayson, who happens to be Nightwing, was once a circus performer with his family until they met their end leaving Grayson as the only survivor.

Could McQueen be doing some research for a possible role? He is photoed above with two Cirque Du Soleil performers which could star the buzz to build on him playing the character that he teased previously.

Fans will have to be patient but in the meantime they can get their weekly dose of McQueen as he plays Jeremy Gilbert on "The Vampire Diaries" which airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.