Marvel's Inhumans Is Now Officially Cancelled By ABC Network

Marvel's Inhumans was released last year to little fanfare as the show was horrible and suffered very low ratings. As a result of the dismal reception, ABC finally made the call to cancel the series entirely.

While Marvel is doing great things in the movie industry, their TV efforts have been hit and miss.

While Netflix shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones are well received, recent efforts such as Iron Fist and the aforementioned Inhumans did not go so well with audiences.

Everyone knew Inhumans was not going to last, but TV Line has now reported that the cancellation is now official. ABC will not order a second season for the TV series that only lasted for eight episodes.

Originally, Inhumans was going to be a part of the MCU lineup after the release of Avengers 4. Since X-Men is still owned by 20th Century Fox, the Inhumans was supposed to be Marvel's own replacement so to speak.

Anyway, something changed and Marvel decided to make it into a TV series instead. Sadly though, the TV budget was really cheap which is what we ended up with.

The costumes in the show looked really cheap and the minimal budget meant that there was not a lot of action included in the eight episodes that it ran for.

Not to mention the main characters did not even get a chance to use their superpowers that often either.

While Inhumans is not coming back, fans are kind of hoping Agents of SHIELD is able to return. At this moment, ABC has yet to make an announcement for that show's return or cancellation.

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