'Little People, Big World' Season 11 Episode 5 Recap: Prepping

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Tonight was episode 5 of Little People, Big World and it's clear that in this episode, our favorite family was entirely focused on national security threats.

Matt starts off the episode by bringing the family out to the more remote areas of the farm and proposing that they set up a bunker to prepare for a worst cast scenario.

Amy is skeptical but Jeremy is intrigued and wants to set up a large 40 foot "preppers" box. Tori proposes she and Amy enjoy a glass of wine in the box once the men have finished building it.

Matt then makes assignments to everyone in the family. Zach is responsible for essentials.

Zach, Jeremy and Matt go shopping for the items that they'll be storing inside the box.

Tori comments that if they can survive an entire night inside the box together as a whole family, then that's the most important test of whether they can survive a castastrophic event. The guys enjoy their shopping excursion.

Pretty soon the shipping container that Matt ordered arrives. Jeremy and Matt set about placing the shipping container inside a large hole in the ground.

Meanwhile Molly has graduated from college and has gotten a job in Spokane. Amy is thrilled but knows that she'll miss Molly.

Amy tells Molly about the underground bunker which Molly is not surprised by. Molly has a look a the bunker and is impressed by the level of detail within the bunker.

Matt gets frustrated with Amy about the supplies that they'll keep in the bunker. Amy thinks they need coffee while Matt wants a thinking table and maps. Amy and Matt bicker about setting up a toilet within the bunker.

Zach seems to think Amy will be cooking food in the box but is disappointed to find out he'll have to make do with canned food.

When Jeremy sounds the alarm, everyone rushes over to the bunker only to find Matt dressed up. Amy tells everyone they have to ration their food.

Audrey decides to surprise Jeremy and meets up with Tori so that they can head over to the box to meet everyone.

The whole family manages to get along which surprises everyone.

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