Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Review/Recap: Vegeta Fights Alone Against Jiren

Dragon Ball Super episode 127 was really sad especially for fans of Android 17. The android pretty much sacrificed himself to save Goku and Vegeta to stay in the Tournament of Power. 

Episode 128 continues the decline of Universe 7 as it shows how ruthless and powerful Jiren can be. The first half of the episode is dedicated to how powerless Vegeta is against the mighty Jiren. 

Even though Vegeta does not want to give up, he is pretty much useless against Jiren at this point of the tournament. He's lost all of his stamina that he cannot even become a normal Super Saiyan anymore. 

What follows is a slow and brutal beating as Jiren takes his time striking Vegeta with devastating blows all over his body.

It's quite sad to see how weak Vegeta has become since nobody is able to help him at the moment.

It gets to a point where Vegeta gets a black eye and his boot is literally saving him from falling out. At that point, Vegeta hears Bulma in his head urging him to never give up. 

The music in Vegeta's "comeback" sounds familiar to the score in the movie 'Creed' and it's used appropriately here. That being said though, Jiren is still unfazed by any of Vegeta's attacks as even his Final Flash does zero damage. 

Jiren finally decides to put Vegeta out of his misery and punches him one last time. Vegeta is in tears and give his last piece of energy to Goku while he falls out of the ring and gets eliminated. 

Thankfully, Krillin is there to save Vegeta in the spectator stands by giving him a Senzu Bean.

Goku now has enough energy to fight against Jiren again, although the show still does not tell us of the status of Frieza yet...

I feel the show writers are purposefully saving Frieza for a shock finish.

They are tricking the audience by saying Goku and Jiren are the last two, but that cannot be possible since Frieza is not sitting in the spectator stands yet.

While it is annoying that we don't see what is happening with Frieza, it was shocking to see the power gap between base Goku and Jiren.

Jiren uses Goku like a literal punching bag and it looks like the fight will be a short one.

That is until at the last second Goku miraculously recovers and uses his Ultra Instinct form. Goku's power level rises exponentially in Ultra Instinct and Jiren is rocked by a very powerful punch. 

Although I feel Goku being the main hero again is a little cliche, I must say I am excited to eventually see him master the Ultra Instinct form.

This new form is far more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue as Goku may have exceeded the power level of a god.

The episode ends with a teaser that the epic Goku vs Jiren fight will continue.

This week's episode was not as action packed as previous ones, but it was an emotional end to see Vegeta get eliminated in such brutal fashion.

Anyway. I'm hoping the Tournament of Power does have an eventual unpredictable ending. Frieza could very well be the winner of the tournament if Goku and Jiren somehow eliminate one another at the same time!

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Frieza, making him win could have dangerous consequences.

After all, Frieza wouldn't use the Super Dragon Balls to wish everyone back as he just wants to become a God and rule the entire multiverse!

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