Review: War for the Planet of the Apes Perfectly Concludes The Trilogy

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The new Planet of the Apes movies have been excellent. Usually reboots are hit and miss, but this series has managed to do the impossible and has arguably outdid the originals.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a soft remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was similar to Battle for the Planet of the Apes.

Well with War for the Planet of the Apes, it's kind of a mix of both but with its own unique storyline.

The thing that makes this movie so great is that it explains how humankind fell so hard and why apes are the dominant species.

I'm not going to spoil anything in this review, but it ties in nicely with the 1968 original.

Caesar (Andy Serkis) is again the main character in War for the Planet of the Apes and he has to wrestle away his demons. Normally he's a pacifist but something makes him very angry and he's off to get revenge.

The person that made him angry is none other than The Colonel played excellently here by Woody Harrelson.

He too has his own demons and reasons why he wants to rid the world of apes. In his mind, he wants the human race to stay alive by any means necessary.

The thing I like most about this movie is that the apes are the stars of the show.

Caesar and his band of ape friends are likeable heroes with a lot of back story. It's the opposite of the Transformers films where those movies have to shoehorn human characters to be the main stars all of the time.

However, one thing that might annoy some viewers is that this film is not really a war movie by any means.

Yes, there are some big action set pieces going on, but war takes a backseat for the majority of the film. The majority of the film is about Caesar trying to help out his ape species.

Another thing you might want to know is that this movie is dark, depressing and sad.

There will be moments where you will feel very sorry for the apes and the way the Earth in this story has ended up. You will also feel some sympathy towards The Colonel too.

The only character that tries to lighten up the mood is the chimpanzee named "Bad Ape" played by Steve Zahn. He's the only person in this film that has a sense of humor.

My favorite parts about the film is that it references the original movie series. I don't want to say too much, but there are easter eggs and visual cues that hardcore fans will recognize while watching this movie.

All in all, War for the Planet of the Apes is an excellent conclusion to this trilogy.

It ties all of the loose ends and is a fitting tribute to the older films in the series. It may not have a lot of action, but it makes up for it by having a lot of heart.

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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