Justice League Is Unlikely Going To Gross Over $700 Million At The Worldwide Box Office

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With all the new releases coming out in cinemas this month, there is no chance for the Justice League movie to earn anymore money at the Box Office.

The movie is highly unlikely going to gross over $700 million and it won't see a profit for Warner Bros.

The Justice League movie had a reported budget of $300 million with more money added if you take into account marketing costs. It's estimated the film needed to gross over $750 million or more just to break even.

Box Office analyst, Exhibitor Relations, tweeted out that many theaters in North America are dropping the movie already to make way for the new releases coming out. You can see their tweet down below.

JUSTICE LEAGUE dropped over 1,500+ theaters this weekend and fell -76%, topping out w/ $222M domestic. Folks, that's $190M less than WONDER WOMAN and $5M less than Will Smith's HANCOCK--that's gonna sting for a bit.

As of right now, the film has earned just $222 million in North America for a global total of just $646 million worldwide.

It's still lower than the $668 million that Man of Steel got back in 2013 and it could go on to be the lowest earning movie in the DCEU thus far.

Expectations were high for the Justice League because Warner Bros wanted it to compete with Marvel's The Avengers. Many expected it to gross over $1 billion but sadly the movie performed well below industry expectations.

It will be interesting to see how Warner Bros can recover from this. The Justice League sequel is still in the planning phases, although an official release date has yet to be announced.

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