Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 5 'Wes Side Story' Review

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Stella's life is getting a bit more interesting since her husband Wes is finally revealing details of his past that he never shared to her before.

Things get even more complicated once his ex girlfriend named Pippa comes to meet the married couple!

Stella originally thought her first meeting with Wes was poetic like a romantic movie. It was literally love at first sight and and things were going great. 

Well things are not as poetic as originally thought because Wes had an ex girlfriend named Pippa and the two were supposed to be married five days before Wes even met Stella in Paris.

Unfortunately for Wes, Pippa is now in the USA to try and see if he will forgive her for leaving him in the first place.

The fact that Pippa and Wes nearly got married makes Stella very angry. Not only is she jealous of Pippa's arrival, Stella is also mad that Wes never told her the entire truth when she was sick with cancer. 

Surprisingly, Stella gets some advice from her own parents who have already moved on to have their own partners after they broke up.

Her Dad is still happy with Lauren while her Mom is happy with her new girlfriend named Poppy.

This episode featured more drama than comedy since Stella is featured in a love triangle between her, Wes and Pippa. Stella has to either forgive Wes for not telling her, or else their marriage will be ruined.  

I'm not going to spoil what happens, but it's interesting to see how Wes hid a lot of things from Stella that are only getting revealed now.

There might be even more secrets that he's hiding that we do not know about!

Wes better behave himself because Stella is taking a liking to the doctor at the hospital named Will. Will does not have a current girlfriend yet, but he's starting to take a liking to Stella very quickly. 

While this week's episode featured a lot of drama, the side story was where most of the comedy was. Stella's Mom finally gets to meet Lauren who is the new girlfriend of Stella's father. 

Lauren is a funny character mainly because she slept with Stella's brother Aiden before. Aiden is trying his best to hide this info from his Dad, but things don't go his way once his Mom finds out about it!

Aiden is still my favorite character of the show, although I still hope he can get his life on track. His life is still stagnant mainly because he mostly stays at home with his Dad most of the time. 

Anyway, this is the last week of Life Sentence until episode 6 airs on April 27th, 2018. In the meantime, shows like Supergirl and The Flash will be back on The CW soon so it's not all too bad. 

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