New Lego Ideas Sets Are Confirmed

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The Lego Group has now revealed three new sets that will be made based on designs made by fans. The three sets will be released in the near future branded with the Lego Ideas logo.

12 designs were in the finals, but sadly only three of them will be officially made by Lego. The announced winners were revealed over on the official Lego Blog website.

The winners include the "Home Alone McCallister's House", "LEGO Typewriter" and the "Seinfeld 30th Anniversary". You can see what Lego had to say about each set below.

Home Alone. McCallister's House

Massive congratulations Alex Storozhuk (aka adwind) for having his Home Alone. McCallister's House design selected as one of the next LEGO Ideas sets. This creation oozes nostalgia from the exterior house to all the small interior details including all of Kevin's sneaky traps. 

LEGO Typewriter

Huge congratulations to Steve Guinness (aka Steve Guinness) for him transitioning from LEGO Master to LEGO Ideas Fan Designer with his recreation of this iconic typewriter design.

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary

A very big congratulations to Brent Waller (aka BrentWaller), a very familiar face here on LEGO Ideas, for his fun tribute to one of the most beloved sitcoms in history!  

Prices and availability for the sets will all be revealed in the near future. More info will be revealed closer to the launch of each sets.

The next Lego Ideas sets to be confirmed will be announced in Fall 2020. 26 products right now are under review. Hopefully Lego chooses the three best designs!

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