Kathleen Kennedy To Stay As Lucasfilm President Until 2021

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Lucasfilm has revealed that it will still be using Kathleen Kennedy as its president from now until the year 2021. Her current deal was expanded for another three years meaning she will still oversee all major Star Wars releases until then.

This news was reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter. This is an interesting move considering some portion of Star Wars fans around the world have been disappointed with the more recent Star Wars movie offerings.

Things started well for Kathleen Kennedy as a majority of fans seemed to have loved both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Sure both movies were not perfect, but they were generally liked by a lot of people.

The situation started going sour once Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out last December.

Film critics loved the movie, but the Star Wars fandom was split on their opinions on the film. The same could be said about Solo: A Star Wars Story which is considered to be a Box Office disappointment.

Due to those two movies not being received well, some people speculated that Kathleen Kennedy should have stepped down in favor of someone else taking care of the Star Wars brand.

Today's announcement of new renewal shows that Disney and Lucasfilm still like the way she will be running things.

The next movie out in the Star Wars timeline in Star Wars: Episode IX releasing in December 2019. After that, several other Star Wars movies will be in production that will explore newer characters and galaxies.

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