Geostorm Is Likely To Be A Box Office Disaster

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The movie Geostorm cost a lot of money to make, but the film is likely to be a Box Office disaster.

Not only is it a bad movie, but some could say that it was released at a very bad time.

According to, Geostorm is estimated to make only $13 million in the North American Box Office this weekend.

Movieweb further reports that this is not even enough to cover the reshoots. Reshoots for the film were $15 million and the movie's overall budget was $120 million.

Many people are saying the movie came out at a bad time. Around the world in 2017, we have seen many deadly natural disasters occur.

Since Geostorm is about natural disasters, people didn't want to flock into the cinema to see something that affected them in real life.

Warner Bros. however could not have delayed the film since it would have lost more money by not releasing it at its original release date.

Another reason the film is a flop is the quality of it. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, the current rating for the film is a very dismal 11 percent.

The audience score is slightly better, although only 48 percent of movie goers enjoyed the film. The critical consensus of the film says it's a disaster movie that is a disaster of its own.

A movie like Geostorm may have done better had it been made a few years earlier. Movies like '2012' and 'San Andreas' brought a lot of Box Office money when they came out in 2009 and 2015 respectively.

Warner Bros. is unlikely to worry too much about the losses since the upcoming Justice League movie is sure to get the studio back on its feet.

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