'Supergirl' Recap:'Medusa,' Season 2 Episode 8

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The CW's "Supergirl" kicks off the super-hero crossover. First, though, the Supergirl Crew will have to deal with the anti-alien organization's most recent threat in "Medusa," the second season's eighth episode.

It's Thanksgiving for the Super Crew. Eliza is back in town for the holiday and Alex is getting ready to come out to her. CADMUS strikes again, this time by unleashing a deadly virus.

Supergirl teams up with Lena Luthor in order to fight it. Winn and James must decide if they should tell Kara the Guardian's true identity.

Flash's Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon stop by searching for. They need her help to stop an alien invasion.

Kara's cooking the turkey with her heat vision. Alex, Winn, and James discuss who and how to tell Kara about the Guardian. Alex doesn't want them to do it tonight because she's planning on coming out and she Mon-El arrives for his first Earth holiday. He quickly starts chatting her up as a way to impress Kara.

She does notice but she believes he's flirting. A Danvers tradition is to say what they're thankful for. Alex, James, and Mon-El rise at the same time. Alex stops James as he's buttering Kara up but Alex interrupts.

As Alex starts her coming out speech a tear in space and time appears in the center of the table. Now that the holidays are over, it's time to figure out what CADMUS wanted with her blood. Kara thinks she's sneaky enough to get any information out of Lena by reporting. Winn and Alex agree to hack Lena anyway.

The interview with Lena doesn't go as well as she would have hoped. Instead, her questions drive Lena to call her mom.

Cyborg Hank is at the alien bar at the same time as Mon-El. He spots him but misses the device he stuck to the bottom of the table. While they're fighting the alien patrones in the bar start collapsing, dead.

Mon-El's back in a cell in the DEO, just to make sure he hasn't picked up any of the virus. Alex plans to bring in their mother to help them identify the gas. Supergirl and Hank are also quarantined to the office. Lena meets with her mother. There's no love between them. While she gets no information, Lena does know her mother is up to something. Mon-El and Kara are passing the time with a game of Monopoly.

She asks him if he has feelings her, straight up. He denies it before he starts to feel the effects of the gas. Silly Kara jumps into the cell with him.

But it's alright since it isn't transmitted from organism to organism. Eliza is able to stabilize Mon-El and figure out the virus is Kryptonian.

Kara realizes there's been a breach in the fortress of solitude and races over. When she get there, she's seen as the intruder.

After disabling the security, Kara looks up the Solitude's search history. The virus is a bio weapon created by her father to kill any alien that isn't Kryptonian in case of an invasion. Eliza confronts Alex, she knows that she's trying to tell her something. So Alex does. J'onn notices Kara standing out on the balcony and comes out.

She's disappointed that her parents legacy might be death and destruction. He tells her that their legacy is really her. Kara is the first outside of M'gann to learn that J'onn is poisoned by the white martian blood.

The only solution for a cure can also heighten the attack. It's only made at L Corp. Kara rushes over but Hank is already there.

Kara is taking a beating and even when the police show up she can't get the upper hand. Hank gets distracted when another portal opens behind him. Kara's able to get the upper hand but he disappears after shooting Maggie. Eliza and Winn believe that Lena knows more than she is saying. Kara still thinks she's innocent. Supergirl goes to Lena for help.

She tells her that her mother is the head of CADMUS. Lena doesn't believe her and refuses to help. Alex patches up Maggie's bullet wound.

Mon-El wakes up and ends up confessing his true feelings for her with a kiss. Lena has called her mother back to confirm what Supergirl was saying. However, she willingly hands over what Hank was sent in to steal.

Winn gets an alert that the isotope is being moved. There's no time to assemble a task force, so it's just J'onn and Kara tonight. At the port, Lena gets the key to the bazooka filled to disperse the bioweapon across the city. J'onn and Supergirl arrive. She tries to reason with Lena but she's a Luthor.

Hank takes J'onn on in a fight as Supergirl goes after the missile. It forces J'onn to accept the white martian blood in his system. Just as Kara reaches the missile, it explodes, releasing the virus.

When the last of it clears everyone is surprised to find not a single alien is dead. All except for Lena, who has also called the police on her mom. Hank is gone, though.

In the universe, aliens are tracking a Kryptonian pod. Mon-El doesn't seem to remember the kiss. Maggie shows up at Alex's door with a pizza and it's not a work visit.

Her near death experience has her reconsidering her rejection of Alex. They share a kiss together. The breach appears for the third time and Cisco and Barry appear in Kara's living room. They're here to ask her for help.

"Medusa" was an interesting episode of "Supergirl." While it was seemingly more focused on the usual team and not the crossover, it was a great intro.

Keep watching all week to see what happens next in this hero vs alien epic. And tune in Monday's at 8pm for more Supergirl or watch online.

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