Kid Cudi Calls Hilary Duff Gorgeous On Twitter: See What Her Reply Was

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Earlier today Hilary Duff took to her Twitter account posting a selfie and from her caption she didn't seem to enjoy the way she looked but rapper Kid Cudi was able to brighten up her spirit.

"This Early. No Bueno," read the caption of the photo posted to Twitter.

The photo was pretty dark and it was hard to see Duff's face but she did not look very happy in the photo and was certainly not happy with being up early in the A.M.

Then in comes Cudi to brighten up her spirits as he tweets, "ur still gorgeous :)," it almost sounds like Cudi may be admiring the former "Lizzie McGuire" star or has been for awhile.

The interaction between the stars are a little on the unexpected side. Cudi is a full blown performer who has been in the news for him overcoming drug abuse and he also appeared of Joe Rogan's "The Joe Rogan Experience."

In her response to Cudi, Duff wrote, "@kidcudi thank youuu! This will be a good day." It looks like Cudi was able to make Duff's day with a few kind words. The unexpected encounter comes right out of the blue and does cause you to wonder if the two might be working on something right now or if they have met before.

You didn't that the two would be following each other either, but with Duff getting back into music as well as Cudi, could be one of the most unexpected collaborations if it was to ever happen.

After Cudi saw Duff's reply on Twitter he tweeted, "Today is already startin off awesome." To say that this may be a little flirting going on might be a stretch but who knows. Does Cudi have his eye on Duff?

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