Aquaman Already Opens Decently In China

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Before Aquaman releases in North America later this month, the movie is already out over in China.

The preview screenings have occurred and the film is projected to have a healthy opening weekend at the Box Office over in the land of the Middle Kingdom.

As reported by Forbes, Aquaman's preview screenings earned $1.19 million earlier this week. This is the second highest tally for preview screenings in the DCEU as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earned $1.35 million on its first night opening.

Due to this opening from Aquaman, Forbes speculates the movie could earn $17.5 million on its opening day for a weekend earning of over $55 million. These numbers could trend even higher if word of mouth for the film is healthy.

The review embargo for Aquaman has not been lifted yet, although social media reactions suggest the film is as good as last year's Wonder Woman.

Positive word of mouth is what the film needs since most other DCEU have had negative ratings.

Aquaman will need to earn over $400 million or $500 million worldwide if it wants to break even.

This is because The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film has a huge budget of just over $200 million. It's not as expensive as the $300 million that Justice League cost, but it's still a huge amount.

Anyway, Aquaman releases in North America on December 21st, 2018. The North American Box Office tracking suggests the film could get over $60 million or more in its opening weekend.

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