WWE Announces New Raw Commentator Named Jimmy Smith

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WWE has now announced that a new commentator is joining the Raw announce team next week on Monday's show. This person replaces Adnan Virk who left the WWE this week.

As announced on Bleacher Report, the new announcer joining the company is Jimmy Smith. He will be a play-by-play announcer and he joins the Raw team that already includes Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

The Raw team has been changed a lot ever since WrestleMania 37. Samoa Joe was sadly released earlier this year while Tom Phillips was demoted to the 205 Live show on the WWE Network and Peacock.

Adnan Virk came to replace the aforementioned guys, but he only lasted around six to seven weeks. Let's hope Jimmy Smith does a better job of staying with the company.

Smith has said he hasn't watched wrestling since he was in grade school, but he tweeted out earlier today his enthusiasm to join the company. You can read his tweet down below.

"Hey guys, well it’s been a busy day😳. Apparently @WWE liked my work so far. I know I’m stepping into a new world (I WAS a Mr. Perfect and Bruiser Brody fanatic however) but know I’ll do everything I can to honor the athletes and fans. Watch Monday and judge my work for yourself.

We will now have to wait until this Monday to know if the strict wrestling fans will accept him as a new announcer. Jimmy Smith previously commentated for MMA and American Ninja Warrior. 

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