Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 32 Recap and Review: "Close Combat"

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Today, the seventh episode (episode #32) of season 2 of Attack on Titan aired. In this episode, things begin to get very heated as Reiner and Eren continue their battle while many questions about the Wall Cult remain.

Attack on Titan: Reiner vs Eren

The episode of Attack on Titan begins with a flashback: Reiner pledging to return to his hometown. Eren says he chose to become a soldier because he felt a drive to kill all of the Titans.

Returning to the present, Reiner (the Armored Titan) and Eren continue their battle as titans.

We see Mikasa regretting missing the chance to cut off Reiner's head.

Krista discovers that Bertholdt, the Colossal Titan, eats Ymir. The soldiers attempt to attack the Colossal Titan, but their ODM gear doesn't work on him because some sort of steam is protecting him.

Eren struggles with the feeling of being completely betrayed by Reiner (the Armored Titan). His anger propels him to rise up against Reiner once again and attack -- but Reiner's strength as the Armored Titan is just too much.

In a flashback, Eren recalls a move that Annie taught him in case he was ever overpowered by an opponent stronger than him.

Mikasa then comes up and asks Annie to show her the same move. Mikasa and Annie prepare to battle.

Returning again to the present, Eren wonders why he's recalling this memory. He then gets up -- yet again -- and takes Reiner. This time, Eren manages to overpower Reiner, removing an arm.

Attack on Titan: The Colossal Titan Falls

Still, Armin calls out to Eren, cautioning him that there's a plan to kidnap him. Armin tells Eren that he needs to get away and get back closer to the wall.

Meanwhile, Reiner gets back up and starts walking menacingly toward Eren. Hange gets to Eren and warns him to try to take out one of Reiner's legs, to buy himself some time.

Reiner begins to charge at Eren. Eren manages to secure him in a hold, giving Hange and Mikasa a chance to penetrate Reiner's amor in a vulnerable spot, the back of the knee. Reiner screams.

Hange figures out Reiner's scream is a cry for help to other titans. Still, the soldiers don't see any other titans nearby.

But, then, the Colossal Titan, who has incapacitated but still producing hot steam, starts to lean and fall from the wall. As he crashes to the ground, the soldiers yell to Eren to get out of the way.

This of Attack on Titan episode ends with a clip from next week.

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