My Giant Life Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: What Happens To Haleigh's Baby?

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Tonight, My Giant Life returned for season 3. Here is the recap:

My Giant Life: Brian and Haleigh

It seemed impossible, but Brian and Haleigh are pregnant. They were told by doctors that they couldn't get pregnant, for several different reasons relating to Haleigh's size. But it happened.

Brian has his gloves on and is making a cast of Haleigh's baby.

The next day, they go to the doctor to have an ultrasound. There are some complications: they may have placenta previa. That is a very serious issue, that makes both Brian and Haleigh extremely upset.

My Giant Life: Alicia Jay

Alicia Jay is a new character on the show, and she has a website for tall people. We meet her while she's doing a photoshoot, and she drops a bombshell: she's 35 and a virgin.

She suffered from depression when she was younger, since people made fun of her all the time. But now she says she loves everything about herself.

My Giant Life: Katja and Julie

Katja and Julie were probably the most memorable of the people from last season.

They were wanting to have a baby, but neither of them really wanted to be pregnant. They decided to have Julie carry the baby, and get a tall sperm donor.

In the next scene, Katja and Julie are looking for a guy to be their sperm donor. They're doing a speed-dating type event.

They meet some weird dudes. The first guy just wants a 3-way, and the second guy says all he does is hang out on the internet.

One guy says it's his hobby and passion to donate sperm. He says he lost count of the number of kids he has.

Another guy wants $10,000 for his sperm. Katja says "they are all creepy and wierd and just want to have sex with lesbians."

Finally, they meet a guy who seems normal named Austin, but he is going to be out of the country for a while.

My Giant Life: Lindsay

Lindsay is now single, and the weird guy (Paul) who used to lounge around in her apartment is gone. She says he made her constantly feel bad about herself, although that wasn't a big component of the last season.

She's now feeling somewhat lonely, and she talks to her mom a lot.

In the next scene, Lindsay is looking for a new bed.

She's trying to find something that will fit her, and the mattress saleswoman is totally shocked by her size. She jumps on the bed for some reason, and the saleswoman joins her.

Lindsay decides to meet a new woman, Krista, who is also very tall. The two hit it off and plan to move in together. Both have had a tough time with relationships.