'Scream Queens' Recap: 'The Hand,' Season 2 Episode 7

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Last week, FOX's "Scream Queens" revealed the identities of two of the killers.

It also dropped the bomb that there is a third, unidentified killer lurking about. But they'll have a whole different killer to worry about in "The Hand," the seventh episode of the second season.

Dean Munsch wants to make sure there's more positive than negative press for the hospital. She decides that Brock Holt will perform a risky surgery, but his hand could ruin everything.

Nurse Hoffel, now a member of the Green Meanie Killing Squad, puts her plans into motion. Chanel #3 tries to help Cassidy with his death syndrome by conducting a psych test.

Being one of the only actual doctors at the hospital is getting overwhelming for Holt. His exhaustion is loosening his control on his killer hand. He tries to soothe his nerves by inviting Chanel over for dinner.

The patient of the week has an extra set of arms and legs. Chanel wants Holt to perform the surgery because he's the best. He thinks it's too risky but Munsch has already called the press about it.

Cassidy is practicing his karate moves. #3 wants to find out why he thinks he's dead and insists on a psych test if he wants to continue with their relationship.

The results are that Cassidy's spirit animal is ScarJo and that he's not dead -- he just believes he is. #3 hides some of the results from him. The test also told her that he's the serial killer. She doesn't want to turn him in, though. Holt is so fed up that he's about to chop his hand off when the Green Meanie pops up behind him. Killer Hand is able to beat the killer up until they're forced to run away.

#3 discusses her options with a corpse. Her choice becomes clear when she witnesses Cassidy with a patient. Hofel overhears the Chanels talking about the Holt's hand.

She goes to Cassidy with her new plan to get Holt's Hand to kill Chanel. After she plans to pick off the rest one by one. Cassidy doesn't want to kill #3, though.

Hofel finds Holt handcuffed to a table trying to cancel his tv subscriptions and get rid of the virus pop ups on his computer. Munsch introduces him to the reporter, Bornhorn. Holt tries to tell Munsch that the surgery is impossible because the patient has a weak heart.

She decides that he'll just have to give her a new heart and then remove her extra limbs.

After viewing the girlfriend of the patient refuse to leave his side even though she could die as well, Cassidy and #3 decide to put their love first as well.

The Green Meanie strangles #10, who just happens be a perfect match for the heart transplant.

Cassidy finds out that the girlfriend works at a chemical plant -- a plant where she'd be able to get the chemical to poison her boyfriend. Turns out the boyfriend was poisoning himself as a way to try and get rid of him. Discouraged by the fact that they don't really have true love, #3 rethinks her decision on not turning Cassidy in.

He rethinks not killing her. Holt comes into Munsch's office after Killer Hand stabbed a patient mid knee surgery. She makes a deal with him to do any surgeries with his Killer Hand tied behind his back.

The limbs come off without a hitch but the hand is struggling hard as they move onto the heart. Chanel gets Holt to tell her something from his childhood that used to calm him down.

He tells her that his Au Pair used to sing 99 Red Balloons to him. The Chanels sing it in the surgery room. It helps to calm him and Killer Hand down enough that he's able to complete the heart transplant.

Cassidy promises #3 that he's going to do all he can to make sure that everything turns out alright...including not killing her or Chanel.

He gifts Holt with a new hand and offers to perform the surgery for him. This new hand is focused on killing Chanel.

While the reporter is making a call to his friend about all the medical violations in the hospital, the Green Meanie shows up behind him and stabs him in the head.

"The Hand" was a good episode for Dr. Holt. Keep watching Tuesdays at 9pm to find out who the third killer really is and check out clips here.

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