Fans Are Unhappy With Hell in a Cell 2019 Ending

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Hell in a Cell 2019 just concluded and the event may have had one of the worst endings of the entire year. The fans have been vocal both inside the arena as well as many social media platforms online.

Aside from Sasha Banks tapping out to Becky Lynch and Charlotte winning the women's title for the tenth time, the main event ending was the one that pissed off fans the most.

Hell in a Cell matches are usually no disqualification which means anything can happen. No matter how violent matches get, the referee should not call for the bell like normal singles matches.

Well WWE just booked one of the stupidest endings in Hell in a Cell history because Seth Rollins vs The Fiend ended on a DQ. To make matters even more worse, the entire match was staged in front of very dark red lights the entire time.

Not only did the fans inside the arena cannot see, but they got a crappy finish for the match too! Supposedly Seth Rollins was beating up The Fiend too much for the referee to handle so the bell rang and the match ended.

WWE didn't want The Fiend to lose, yet they also did not want to make Seth Rollins lose his Universal Title. Since neither man could lose cleanly, WWE booked the DQ finish instead.

The fans inside the arena were outraged chanting the likes of restarting the match to even audible AEW chants. Things aren't that much better when you go online to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

This is probably one of the stupidest endings in 2019 and I'm not sure why WWE would do such a thing. Hopefully the rest of the year has better PPV endings as this was a huge disappointment.

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