'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 6: Whitney's First Kiss?

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Tonight was episode 6 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4 and we got to see the aftermath of Jiya's challenge to Whitney for a dance battle. Whitney is indignant that her girls will be subjected to a dance off when she doesn't encourage her class to be competitive.

So she heads to Jiya's dance class to ask Jiya if she wants to back off. Jiya accuses Whitney of being scared to compete which only makes Whitney more upset.

At her next class, Whitney announces the upcoming competition. Although her class is a little nervous, they agree that winning against Jiya is a priority.

Next, Whitney heads out with her mother to shop for blonde wigs. Jewel singing to her father is apparently one of Whitney's father's fantasies. Whitney's mother proceeds to try on wigs and does find a winning wig.

Whitney also heads out to a club on this episode with Maddie and Tal, both of whom find a man. Whitney notices that everyone but her finds a man.

Whitney runs into Amanda, a friend of hers from high school. Amanda invites Whitney to go horseback riding with her.

Whitney gets back on the radio with Roy on Kiss but is disappointed to find out that Riley has been asked to fill in for Lauren now that she's on maternity leave.

Whitney and Todd check out a restaurant where her parents can dine out on their anniversary. They wind up having a great time with Whitney looking on happy for them.

Whitney also has a chance to come up with questions for Hilary Clinton though she's disappointed that she doesn't get to ask them herself.

Later, Whitney gets together with Todd and Maddie and tells them about her upcoming outing with Amanda.

Finally, Whitney heads to her outing with Heather. She's nervous about getting on a horse but manages to mount the horse and begin riding. As Whitney catches up with Amanda, she begins to feel attracted to her.

They chat and Amanda tells Whitney that she's always been attracted to her. Then, they kiss.

So will Whitney have a relationship with Amanda? And how will the upcoming dance off go? We'll find out next week.

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