What's Going On Between Victoria Justice and Her 'Rocky' Costar?

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Acting/singing beauty Victoria Justice had been laying low for a while, after hear split up with her boyfriend of two years last November.

But with all of the hot guys she's worked with in the last few months, it's not surprising that's over.

Pacific Coast News is reporting that Victoria Justice was seen this weekend holding hands with hottie Reeve Carney at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.

Reeve Carney is an actor and singer, and he's significantly older than Victoria Justice, at 33. While he hasn't been in many major film roles, he has been in music videos and on Broadway.

So are they dating? There's been no official word, but Victoria Justice has been posting about Carney on her Instagram.

Hopefully, this will quash the unfounded rumors of anything going on between her and her other co-star Ryan McCartan, who recently broke up with his fiance, Dove Cameron.

Victoria Justice has recently been looking to shed her Nickelodeon image, which she first developed on "Zoey 101." She recently said this to People:

I looked at some of the comments. Some people were like, 'Good for you, Victoria, I can't wait to see this,' and other people of course were like, 'She's a s--t now,' and doing all that kind of shaming...I was like, 'Come on now, this is a role in a movie.'

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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