Wonder Woman 1984 Gets Another Release Date In December

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Wonder Woman 1984 has not been getting any luck from Covid-19 when it comes to the movie's release date. The pandemic has forced Warner Bros to delay the movie for another time.

Warner Bros originally wanted the Wonder Woman sequel to come out in 2019, which made it two years after the release of the first movie. However, production needed more time to make the movie, so it was delayed until June 2020.

Due to Covid-19, the movie was delayed until August 2020. But that release date changed again because people were still being affected by the Coronavirus.

Tenet took the late August release date, and Wonder Woman 1984 was set to be released on October 2nd, 2020. Covid-19 is still rampant around the world, so now Warner Bros has announced the movie will be released on December 25th, 2020.

The main reason the movie is delayed even further is probably because the Box Office for movies have not been good.

Even though Tenet and New Mutants have come out in cinemas, not a lot of people went out to see them.

This is also a reason why Disney decided to release Mulan on Disney+. In their mind, Mulan would have lost a lot of money if it came out in September in movie theaters.

The interesting thing about the new Wonder Woman 1984 release date is that the movie comes out a week after Dune is out on December 18th, 2020.

Both movies are being distributed by Warner Bros, so it's weird the movie studio wants to compete with itself.

Hopefully this release date for Wonder Woman 1984 sticks. It will be a massive shame if the movie had to be delayed until 2021 instead!

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