Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Review/Recap: Hit vs. Jiren

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Dragon Ball Super episode 111 features a fight between Hit and Jiren.

Goku takes a step back after giving out a lot of his energy fighting Jiren in the previous two episodes. Can Universe 6's Hit take on Jiren who is by far the toughest fighter in the entire tournament?

Before that fight gets underway, Frieza confronts Goku. We think Frieza is being evil, but he actually gives some energy to Goku.

Frieza actually admits that he will need Goku to stay healthy to fight off Jiren.

Even the mighty Frieza knows that he's not strong enough for Jiren! Frieza tells Goku that the form he achieved was 'Ultra Instinct'. It might be the only way to beat Jiren if Goku is able to use it again.

Meanwhile, Hit is trying his best to try and fight with Jiren. Hit is usually successful using his time skip technique, but it's proving to be useless against Jiren.

Jiren is able to predict Hit's movements all the time. Hit is unable to lay a hand on Jiren and he's getting hammered.

Despite Hit not beng able to hit Jiren, Jiren is at least using some type of effort. Toppo is somewhat impressed that Hit is better than most other fighters that Jiren has come across.

Despite Hit's valiant effort, he is still far weaker and slower compared to Jiren. Jiren is on another level never seen before.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Gohan and Piccolo have to fight off two Namekians from another universe. Vegeta on the other hand scraps with Ribrianne and Rozie.

Ribrianne is losing confidence that Universe 2 can win the tournament, but Rozie tells her to snap out of it as love trumps over everything. As the old Huey Lewis song says, they got "The Power of Love".

Hit is still getting beaten up, but he has a plan. Hit purposefully got hit multiple times in order to predict where Jiren's punches will land.

Now that he knows where Jiren might hit him, Hit goes for the offensive. Hit manages to punch Jiren near the end of the ring and freezes him. This is the first time anyone has been able to freeze Jiren.

Hit is a team player and tells Cabba, Kale and Caulifa to stop watching him and fight the other people in the tournament. Hit wants to go out with one final attack while Jiren is frozen in time. Hit powers up for this one attack, but Jiren is able to block it with just the glare of his eyes.

Jiren is then able to unfreeze himself and squashes Hit's attack with the palm of his hand. It seems as if Hit has run out of ideas. Jiren is way too strong and smart to fall for any tricks.

Jiren gets revenge and uses an explosive ki blast to blow Hit out of the ring. Universe 6's most powerful fighter has now been eliminated.

It looks like Goku is the only fighter at this stage that is able to be on the same level as Jiren. However, Goku can only do this if he can muster 'Ultra Instinct' again.

With Hit's departure, the Tournament of Power is halfway done. It took so many episodes, but the halfway point is here.

The rest of the tournament we will see how it will end. It might be a long wait considering how many episodes have already passed since it started.

I'm a little disappointed that Hit has been eliminated so early.

Hit was a favorite of mine and I hoped he would have made it until the end to fight both Goku and Jiren.

However, it was cool to see Hit giving Jiren a run for his money in today's episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Next week in Dragon Ball Super, it's about Vegeta as he will try and help out Cabba and the other Saiyans from Universe 6. Everyone really needs to stick together to take out the remaining fighters in the tournament.

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