'Scream Queens' Recap: 'Lovin the D,' Season 2 Episode 9

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The killers are gearing up for their latest bloodbath on Fox's "Scream Queens." Get ready for the build up to the conclusion in "Lovin the D," the ninth episode in the second season.

The Chanels' TV idol, Dr. Scarlett Lovin, checks in to the hospital and it may be too much for them to handle. Hester gathers all of the Green Meanies together. They're about to initiate the final kill plan.

The Chanels are in the hospital late at night when they find a hospital bed full of swamp goo and another with a Chanel mannequin stabbed full of knives. They decide to split up, unaware that there is more than one. The Chanels are able to escape when the Meanies start fighting over who gets to kill who. Munsch is showing the murdered journalist's editor around. He's searching for the missing man and looking into the claims he made the night he went missing.

He wants to see all the staff's credentials but the Chanels don't have any so they must take the MCATs. Munsch brings in Dr. Scarlett Lovin to propose a live operation.

Brock reveals that the Chanels aren't really doctors. Dr. Lovin can't allow them on her show if they aren't.

Hester is holding a Green Meanie summit. First thing is a game of who killed who where they learn that Cassidy is responsible for most of the killings but it was Wes that offed Chad. Next they have to determine who's allowed to kill who. Hofel wins the privilege of killing Chanel Oberlin. Cassidy agrees not to kill anyone else as long as he's the only one after #3. Wes is left with all the other Chanels and Munsch.

Brock is trying to help Chanel study but she thinks it's pointless. He ends up choking her will with both hands. He says he didn't mean to.

Chanel hides from him in the same room that Hofel is filling up a tub with fry oil. Brock confides in Hester about how he still wants to kill Chanel even though his serial killer hand is gone.

Hester tries to seduces him.

Chanel #7 is lured into a trap with a plate full of sugar cookies.Wes suggests an alliance between him and Cassidy so that Wes can kill Chanel and they can pin all the murders on Hofel.

No one has realized that Zayday is missing. She's still alive in a strange dungeon in Jane's bedroom. Cassidy brings #3 over to meet his mom. He ends up picking the cause over his love. Dr. Lovin comes back. She needs to do the on air surgery quick before her rivals can do the same. The Chanels have to take the MCATs immediately.

They all passed because Brock and Cassidy were feeding Chanel and #3 the answers. #5 passed on her own but of course no one cares. Wes filled a coffee cup with cyanide for Chanel. Dr.

Lovin drinks it instead. Chanel takes over as host in order for the show to proceed. The surgery is a success. Chanel has impressed the TV bigwigs enough that they offer the Chanels their own show.

Hofel calls Wes in to confront him about his attempt on Chanel's life. Really it's just to lure him into the room with the fry oil to kill him. When Munsch finds his body, she faints again.

She wakes up in a hospital bed. Everyone's relieved the Green Meanie has been taken care of.

They've finally realized Zayday is missing but only Munsch wants to go searching for her. Munsch comes clean about her illness and that she'll be dead in a month.

"Lovin the D" With only one more episode of "Scream Queens" left, make sure to tune in next Tuesday at 9pm in order to find out who makes it through.

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