PewDiePie Announces The Scare PewDiePie Show

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It's finally here, PewDiePie has announced what he has been working on all along. The YouTube star presented the Scare PewDiePie show and it looks pretty intense, after all The Walking Dead was in on it.

There have been rumors floating around that PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) may have been making a cameo on The Walking Dead, AMC's smash hit zombie apocalypse centered show. That being said, Kjellberg proves those rumors wrong. Well, sort of.

He has in fact been working with The Walking Dead but it's not on the actually show. PewDiePie presented Scare PewDiePie a show that puts him in a real life horror movie scenario.

"Ever since Pewdiepie touched down in L.A. two weeks ago, his fans have been dying to know why he's here," reported TMZ.

"Keep in mind the guy posts tutorials on how to play the 'Walking Dead' video games ... which gets tens of millions of views."

In the video below, PewDiePie offered a sneak peek into the show and he found himself trapped in a confined space with a creature lurking nearby. The exclusive first look confirms Kjellberg's comments as he said he had no idea what to expect in each situation. You can hear some of his hilarious reactions and screams in the video below.

There hasn't been much more announced as to when the show will premiere or if it's going to be televised or strictly for YouTubeRed. Check out the video below and let us know what you think about PewDiePie's announcement.

Check out Scare PewDiePie below.