Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 5 Recap

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After things ended in flames last week on Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood', we start this episode off with Theo talking to his grandmother about Kassius's lying.

His grandmother tells him to calm down, so he tries to talk to his mom, who convinces him to calm down.

We then turn to Mike and Peter. Peter claims that Mike ran up a $2000 tab at a bar, and Mike never paid him back. Mike claims that "there are two sides to every story".

Next up: Katrina and Anna. Katrina talks to Peter about what happened between her and her sister.

Kassius talks to his family on the phone and asks about his two year old son. Anika and Will have a fight, with Anika swearing at him.

Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood': Katrina and Mike Go At It

The cast goes out to a club, and Anika continues to complain about Will. Anna and Peter start fooling around, while the others dance together. Katrina talks to Theo about trying to mend relations with Kassius.

Back at the house, Will starts to throw out Anika's food. Kassius talks to Will about missing his son; Will also has a son who is ten months old. Tyara decides to try to talk to Kassius about his issues with Theo.

They go to the confessional, and and Kassius starts crying. He's worried about not making money, and getting himself out of the "hole" he dug for himself. Theo walks in on the two of them, and then runs off.

Jordan and Mike get really touchy-feely and flirtatious, but they don't hook up. Mike comes back and starts talking about Peter and Anna, which makes Katrina mad. She and Mike get into a an "us vs them fight".

He continues to incite Anna and Katrina about Peter while the others look on. Katrina starts to the point of attacking Mike, but Anna holds her back. Theo, meanwhile, tries to calm Mike down.

After everyone goes to sleep, Mike gets up and talks to the camera. He then writes a note that says f**** Anna.

Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood': The Next Day

The next evening, Peter hangs out with Anna and Katrina, while the rest of the guys go out in a group, and the rest of the girls go out separately.

Peter and Katrina aren't getting along, and Peter feels like he's the third wheel.

Mike starts dancing with a random girl, and for some reason, that makes Kassius angry. The guys start to get into a heated conversation, and Theo walks off. They all return home not talking to each other.

Meanwhile, the girls all seem to be getting along great. When the guys return, Tyara tries to calm down Theo, but he doesn't want to talk. Peter gets into bed with Anna, but it's unclear if they hook up.

Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood': Mike and Peter Talk

In the morning, Mike and Peter get together and talk in the confessional. Mike tries to apologize, and he says he'll pay Peter back. They both resolve their conflict and they're friends again.

Katrina and Peter try to talk out their situation. Katrina tells Peter to treat Anna well. She thinks Peter is a needy person who craves attention, and Anna doesn't like that.

Separately, Anna and Peter sit outside on a yoga mat and talk. Anna says that Katrina gets jealous and ruins her relationships, and she has done so her entire life. They start to make out.

Everyone goes out for the afternoon, but Theo stays quiet. The guys try to talk to him, but he says he hasn't been happy for the last four years.

The show ends with Theo sitting alone, pondering.

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