Dancing Siblings AJ and Alyda Share Their Moves With Ellen DeGeneres

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The Ellen Show doesn't seem to have a shortage of talented guests, especially when there is talent all over the internet.

9-year-old AJ and his 13-year-old Alyda are dancers who perform together and DeGeneres was so impressed she had to have them on her show.

DeGeneres welcomed AJ and Alyda to the stage and AJ reveals that he always wanted to be on The Ellen Show for his entire life.

AJ also happens to be a huge fan of tWitch and said that the DJ is his favorite dancer.

Alyda and her brother both shared just how small their city Orange Cove, California is and said that because of their appearance on the show, they will probably be the most famous people there.

AJ said his parents are his biggest inspirations because they drive them everywhere to their practices and performances. The do a lot of traveling to Los Angeles and back for their classes but it all paid off.

Their performance of Jessie J's "Bang Bang" featuring Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande was super energetic and they received a huge round of applause. AJ had only been dancing for a little over a year.

The visit got even better for AJ, Alyda and their parents when DeGeneres welcomed the entire family to the stage.

DeGeneres then shocked the family by presenting them with a brand new car since their old car wasn't very reliable. You can check out all of the excitement from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Dancing Siblings AJ and Alyda Share Their Moves With Ellen DeGeneres