Bobo Voted Howard Stern Show's Worst Caller Ever

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The Howard Stern Show fans and listeners voted at for who they believed to be the worst Stern Show callerin history, and the winner is: Bobo.

Bobo was in the lead since the beginning, garnering most of the attention and social media chatter. It was almost like destiny that Bobo Bowie would be officially recognized as the most annoying caller to the Howard Stern Show.

Before the results, Bobo said: "I was really bummed at one point, and then I thought about it...

It's not coming from you or the staff, it's coming from the staff. Somehow, I can accept that." But that was total bull s***.

Bobo had a speech prepared in case he was crowned, and attempted to defend himself. "This is serious," he said, to begin. He went on to say that it was not easy to call in to the King of All Media.

He said he was a good caller by not trying to step on the host and being respectful.

"You find it interesting, and that's why you pick me up," he said to Stern. "So put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Fred played him out/drowned him out with some smooth tunes and Robin's infectious laughter.

The poll was a close call between King of All Blacks and Bobo, with the percentage of the votes nearly evenly split between the two. Bobo received 29.8% of the votes, while King took 27%.

"I just wanna say, whoever wins, you're both losers," Stern said. The poll was on for two days.

Speech Impediment Man was found to be the LEAST annoying caller.

"It's almost like you're winning," Robin said.
Coming in second to last was Jeff the Bore (who insisted he was Jeff the Drunk) with 8% of the vote.
Mariann from Brooklyn really wanted to win, but she came in third to last.

"She's annoying, but not that annoying," Stern said.
Ralph Cirella came in third place of the top three.