The Flash Season 4 Episode 12 Review/Recap: 'Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash'

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Last week's episode of The Flash was very disappointing mainly because it focused more on campy humor rather than the actual main plot of Season 4.

This week's episode is slightly better and has a shocking end that you don't want to miss.

The main storyline in this week's episode is Barry Allen in prison wanting to know more about Big Sir (played by Bill Goldberg).

Barry wants to know why a good person like him ended up being sentenced to prison for many years.

Big Sir does not want Barry's help, although this does not stop Barry from getting a confession out of him. It turns out just like Barry's father, Big Sir is in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Big Sir was walking near Mercury Labs several years ago and saw a guard get shot and killed. The real suspect was a big bald guy and the cops accused of the crime.

Sadly Big Sir was sent to prison and there was no evidence good enough to prove his innocence. The man that really shot the guard is still out free.

That person is a metahuman going by the name of Sylbert Rundine/Dwarfstar. Dwarfstar has similar powers to The Atom and Ant-Man because he can shrink things to a small size, and also enlarge small things when he wants to.

Our first introduction to this character is when he manages to shrink an entire building. Not to mention his appearance matches the description of Big Sir's real culprit.

Barry makes a request from prison so Team Flash is able to apprehend Dwarfstar. Well their first plan fails when they try and interrogate him in his apartment.

This is because both Cisco and Ralph Dibny transform into beings that are only two inches tall.

It's like you are watching The Atom or Ant-man, although both Cisco and Ralph don't have the ability to change back to normal size.

The comedy in this week's episode was much better than last week. It was funny to see the other members of Team Flash interact with the smaller versions of Cisco and Ralph.

Not to mention they even put the two inside of a Lego set so they can come up with a plan to get them back to normal size.

After a failed experiment, Harrison Wells and Cisco find out they need Dwarfstar to shoot them again to make them normal sized.

The team find Dwarfstar trying to rob a museum, although their plan to catch him is easier said than done. Dwarfstar has come prepared and isn't going down without a fight.

Thankfully, Harrison Wells baits Dwarfstar into shooting him in the chest, but he has tiny Cisco and Ralph standing on him. Dwarfstar blasts the two back to normal size while Iris stuns him with a gun and he gets arrested.

Sadly though, the team are unable to complete Barry's request to free Big Sir's name. Dwarfstar is being too stubborn and won't confess that he was the guy that shot the guard that night at Mercury Labs several years ago.

Barry thinks he has failed, but Big Sir does not seem to care. He's just happy that Barry tried his best and gave him hope of getting out eventually.

After that, Barry does something noble and breaks Big Sir out of prison while the guards and cameras aren't looking.

He uses his Flash powers to take Big Sir to China which is a country Big Sir always wanted to visit.

Although Barry's action was noble, I find it hard to believe Big Sir's life would be better in China. He has no food, no job and is living in a country where nobody speaks English.

Not to mention Big Sir is a fugitive now so the American authorities would be looking for him.

I guess it does not matter too much because Goldberg was only scheduled to star in two episodes so this might be the last time we see Big Sir.

The biggest twist is what happens in the end because the Warden of the prison finds out Barry Allen is The Flash. An extra security camera caught his speed of lightning that gave his identity away.

The Warden also spiked his favorite pudding and Barry collapses. Barry is then transferred into another facility and the Warden calls up a familiar face.

It turns out Amunet Black wants The Flash for herself and the episode ends like that. There's a possibility Clifford DeVoe has orchestrated everything according to plan.

The only side story this week involved Cecile and her newfound telepathic abilities. Cecile was actually funny this week because she was able to read the minds of everyone she sees.

Anyway, this week's episode was decent compared to last week's one and I'm glad Goldberg managed to get a decent part.

Hopefully more of Season 4 is more like this episode rather than the goofy humor that has been present throughout some other previous episodes.

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