'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Whitney's Dating Again

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Tonight was Episode 9 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4 and we got to see Whitney resuming an active dating life.

The episode begins with Whitney spending some time with her mother, Babs. Whitney announces that she's going to resume dating and needs to update her dating profile.

Whitney then seeks advice on what sort of photo she should choose for her online dating profile. Tal provides some feedback.

Whitney doesn't want to hide anything about herself. Tal then posts her profile. It's been tough for Whitney to find people to go out with so she's hoping to open up her dating profile to a large pool of candidates.

Whitney then heads to a workout with Buddy. Will trains both of them.

Another risk that Whitney takes in this episode is getting a tattoo that Tal picks out for her. While they're at the parlor, Whitney gets a text from a new suitor.

It turns out to be someone named "Nathan." He asks Whitney out during the weekend, which she accepts.

Whitney then heads out with Buddy and Heather to a bar for a drink. Whitney recounts Nathan's proposition.

She's been texting him more consistently and finding out more about him.

Whitney is looking for a "renaissance" man, and has the sense that Nathan might not have any of the qualities she's looking for. Whitney's going to be going salsa dancing.

Whitney and Buddy then show up for Will's special training event. Whitney is intimidated by the required events.

Whitney especially hates running. The moment arrives for Whitney to participate and she actually does put in quite an effort. Buddy surprises Will with his level of fitness and motivation.

Whitney also faces up to Roy and Maney after losing the dance battle. Whitney sees the scores sheets from the judges for the dance battle. She notices that 2/3 judges actually scored her team better. Still, Maney is not impressed.

Whitney gets her hair done for her date with Nathan. Mattie asks about how Whitney feels about "chubby chasers." Whitney doesn't care. She's just wants someone to love her. Nathan tells Whitney that he'll be weaning a vest.

Whitney heads out to her date and meets Nathan. She's able to identify him by his vest. Whitney is impressed by the amount of planning that Nathan has put into this date. Whitney finds out that Nathan has kids and is divorced.

However, he doesn't like cats. Pretty soon the salsa dancing begins.

However, one of the judges from Whitney's dance battle turns up at the date. Whitney gets an invitation to appear at her dance studio. The date ends with an amicable hug.

The episode ends with Whitney recapping the dance battle with her class and trying to figure out why they lost. There' s a lot of indignation in the class about the loss.

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