Kevin Hart and James Corden Play 'Drop The Mic' on The Late Late Show

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As Kevin Hart continues his press tour for Central Intelligence, he and James Corden took part in a Drop The Mic challenge during his visit to The Late Late Show.

Both challengers were introduced to the Drop The Mic ring and Hart urged Corden not to be nervous.

Corden's response was to ask Hart if he looked nervous which prompted Hart to say "he not ready." Corden called for a beat and started ripping on Hart for everything from his height to being in movies with stars who are more famous than him.

However, the first crushing blow came when Corden told Hart that he might think like a man but he is built like a boy.

Hart fired back with claims that his bank account is big, put Ricky Gervais above Corden and even joked about Carpool Karaoke by tell Corden he had his head up Lin-Manuel Miranda's a**.

It only got even more crushing when Corden ragged on Hart's film The Ringer and Hart's height. Hart took it to Corden's weight which caused Corden to go off on Hart's comedy.

It continued for sure in a very crushing way. Of course it was all in fun and games and you can check out who won the Drop The Mic battle in the video below.

Watch Kevin Hart and James Corden Play Drop The Mic on The Late Late Show