Remember 'Zeke and Luther'? You'll Never Believe What Zeke Looks Like Now

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One of the first shows on Disney's boy-focused channel, Disney XD, was Zeke and Luther. The show starred two teenage skateboarders -- Zeke and Luther -- and followed their antics.

It has been 7 years since the show first came on, and boy have the actors changed.

Zeke and Luther's Zeke - Hutch Dano

The main character, Zeke, was played by a guy named Hutch Dano. At the beginning of the show, Hutch looked like he does in the picture above.

Today, Hutch is no longer focused on acting; his focus is on painting. He has painted dozens of works with a contemporary flair. You can see some of his art below.

And you'll never even recognize him from his pictures:

A photo posted by Hutch Dano (@hutch.dano) on

And here's another one:

A photo posted by Hutch Dano (@hutch.dano) on

While we don't see him much on TV anymore, Hutch has apparently found a calling in art, and clearly he's a very good artist, as you can see from his paintings.

Zeke and Luther's Ginger - Ryan Newman

Another person who changed completely since we saw her in Zeke and Luther is Ryan Newman, the actress who played the younger sister, Ginger, on the show.

Ryan has since gone on to have starring roles in See Dad Run with Scott Baio, The Thinning, and the Sharknado series -- as well as cameos on shows like The Thundermans.

Here she was at the beginning of Zeke and Luther:

And here she is now:

We're utterly shocked at how different these two look. It seems like only yesterday that we saw them as they looked in the original photos. Looks like we're getting old.

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