TLC 'Too Close To Home' Season Finale: What To Expect...

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Tomorrow is the Too Close to Home season 2 finale on TLC. It will be the eighth episode of an extremely wild season. And there are tons of loose ends from previous episodes that we still need resolved.

The finale plot is a closely guarded secret, but there are some things that we can surmise from the rest of the season. So here are our predictions regarding the finale of Too Close to Home season 2.

What happens to Anna, Bonnie, and Shelby on Too Close to Home?

As of episode 7, Anna has a lot of loose ends. We don't know what will happen with the president.

Will he come to Happy, Alabama to find her, or does he have some other plans. The first lady also may have something to do with Anna in the final episode.

We know that Anna has avoided the advances of the secret service agent, but we don't know if something bigger is planned.

It appears that the president really wants Anna back, so there's a good chance that he will show up, as will his wife.

We are still waiting to find out what 'the pelican' is -- the term the president used when talking to the CIA about getting to Anna.

Bonnie and Shelby don't have much to resolve. The storyline about Jolene and her hoarding is likely to be resolved without fanfare -- possibly aside from a tantrum.

But for them, the finale is probably going to focus on getting Rebel back from Eli. Expect some fireworks from that plotline.

We will be finding out about the importance of the coin, which was introduced in the last episode.

What happens to Regina, Nelson, Elm, etc. on Too Close to Home?

What we really need to see for these characters is some reason why they're there.

To date they haven't had any meaningful reason for showing up in the second season, beside the fact that Tyler Perry got some blowback for his choice of casting in season 1.

However, it's unlikey that we'll see that. Instead, Nelson will likely find out about Regina because of the Shelby-Regina plotline.

At that point, he will get into some sort of altercation with Elm. Brody will likely be involved to stop the altercation.

It would be nice if we could also find out the purpose of having Frankie in the show is -- because we definitely haven't found that out to date.

But more likely, we'll find out that her husband (or some other family member) was involved in some kind of illegal activity, and Frankie was placed in the trailer park for protection.

What happens to Brody, Dax, Victor, etc. on Too Close to Home?

Dax and Victor don't seem like they're going to come to much of a resolution in this season. Although Victor ended the last episode bleeding out, he will likely be saved by Brody's dad.

Notably, Brody, Regina, and Dax essentially been in the same room for two whole seasons. After the fight, Victor will probably get some help from his man in Congress, and Dax will probably remain angry.

Brody will likely be involved in the Regina plotline, as well as the president-Anna plotline and the Rebel plotline.

So that's all for our predictions...Any other thoughts on the episode? Tweet us.

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