Extended Dragon Ball Super: Broly Story Synopsis Has Been Revealed

An extended story synopsis has now been revealed for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The plot has been revealed over on the movie's listing on a Colombian movie website.

Ken Xyro on Facebook found the plot synopsis on Cinecolombia. It features a longer synopsis for Dragon Ball Super: Broly giving us more details than ever before.

Bear in mind, there are some spoilers revealed in the plot so read at your own discretion. You can read the new plot of the movie posted down below.

"41 years ago, the King of the Planet Vegeta had a baby, who became famous Prince Saiyan Vegeta in the not-so-distant-future, and who prided himself on his latent ability as the strongest warrior. At the same time, his loyal military right hand, Paragas, also had the pleasure of receiving a new life, Broly, who enjoyed an unused potential even greater than that of Vegeta, but the jealous King Vegeta relegated the baby BROLY to a dark and distant planet inside a PE Quena space capsule. Paragus, furious, betrayed King Vegeta to go after his beloved son and found him on a stormy planet. Desperately, he lost his way back home, as the landing impact destroyed his ship, which meant that he and his son were left alone and abandoned for decades without hope."

"Currently on Earth, six Dragonballs are stolen from Bulma's laboratory by the resurrected Frieza, who wishes to realize his ambition. Meanwhile, Frieza's army patrol casually finds Paragus and Broly in the confines of the galaxy and takes them to Frieza, constituting a stronger battalion. Surprised by the highly trained combat power of Broly, Frieza flies the bloody shirt of Paragas and heads to the icy ground where the Dragonballs are detected. Goku and Vegeta, as they hurried to the icy land to recover the lost Dragonballs, face again their permanent rival Frieza and the formidable Broly. The fatal battle is just beginning, but faced with overwhelming power of Broly, evolving gradually along the sway of the fight, Goku and Vegeta will be forced to act defensively".

Dragon Ball Super: Broly releases first in Japan on December 14th, 2018. After that, the movie will be released in Western countries in January 2019.

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