'Supergirl' Recap:'Supergirl Lives,' Season 2 Episode 9

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It's the return of CW's "Supergirl." She was just in another universe and now she's headed off to a different planet.

Her disappearance will make the rest of the team worry and puts strain on relationships in "Supergirl Lives," the ninth episode of the second season.

Kara is determined to find a missing woman named Izzy. Snapper Carr advises her to stop her investigation.

Kara takes Mon-El with her to check out Izzy's last known location.

They end up falling through a portal to a planet where Roulette runs a slave trafficking ring. Alex believes her new relationship Maggie kept her from being able to keep her sister from disappearance.

Supergirl is in pursuit of jewelry thieves. They've got a bazooka but she's got laser vision. Two of the three robbers escape in the car crash.

Guardian is there in time to take down another one of the thieves but the third gets passed him. Winn knocks him down but gets too caught up in celebrating.

The thief pulls a gun on him, however, Guardian appears just in time. Supergirl is still not okay with the Guardian.

Alex is cute the next morning when she wakes up to find Maggie making coffee in one of Alex's t-shirts. A lady appears at CatCo, after exhausting all her other options, to beg them to help her find her missing daughter, Izzy.

Kara wants to help her but Snapper doesn't think the story is newsworthy.

Mon-El is now working as a bartender in the Underground Alien Bar. Kara is there to meet Maggie in order to get the missing person report from Maggie.

Kara goes to ask Winn to look into the missing people on the flashdrive. He finds out that they all had blood work done at the same place just days before they disappeared. While on her way to check it out, Kara runs into Mon-El.

He insists on coming with her. At the clinic they're lead to the portal.

Kara jumps in right away only to find that it leads to a planet with a red sun. Mon-El follows her but before they can leave the portal closes.

Mon-El wants to figure out the portal so they can go home and get reinforcements. Kara refuses. They continue towards a large fortress. James goes to see if Winn is alright.

The near death experience has Winn regretting his choice to become a hero. He tells James that he's not going out with him again.

Alex comes in looking for Kara. They go to the clinic and find the portal. Kara and Mon-El decide that the only way to get into the fortress is to give themselves up.

J'onn can't go with them to the new planet. With all this bad news, it is just the perfect moment for Maggie to show up. Alex thinks her own happiness is the reason she wasn't with Kara when she found the portal.

Alex orders Winn to go with them. He starts to panic and refuses to go. Alex talks him into going. Kara stands between the people and the guards, even when they start electrocuting her extensively.

The people are inspired by her refusal to back down and help fight back. Alex and her team arrive on the new planet. She orders Winn to stay behind Mon-El chooses his moment to be a hero. He stands between a gun and everyone else.

However, another alien stops them from shooting. It seems that there are orders not to hurt Mon-El and the alien even bows to him.

Winn wins his first fight. Alex brought a sun grenade which she throws at Supergirl. Just in time for her to battle a spaceship full of baddies.

Izzy is reunited with her mom. Kara turns in her story to Snapper. He doesn't give her praise but Kara has decided that she's going to follow her heart.

Alex explains and apologizes to Maggie for what she said. Maggie gives her one last chance.

Mon-El has decided that he's going to let Kara train him and become a hero. Back on Slave Planet, hooded and masked figures arrive looking for Mon-El.

"Supergirl Lives," dives right back into the action by delving further into Roulette's illegal operations."Supergirl" also explores Alex's new relationship and real relationship she's had.

Hope it goes better than James and Kara... Continue watching Mondays at 8pm and rewatch episodes here.

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