Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Review/Recap: Majin Buu vs Basil

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Dragon Ball Super episode 79 was on this week and it kicked off the first exhibition match before the Tournament of Power takes place.

It's Majin Buu from Universe 7 going up against Basil from Universe 9. Can Buu finally find the rage and power to defeat his opponent?

Dragon Ball Super episode 79 is action-packed and is one of the more entertaining episodes in recent weeks.

The entire episode is full of actual fighting and there weren't many other scenes added outside of the main match itself.

It's a cool small taste for the many matches that are going to take place in the coming weeks and months.

Anyway, at the start of the episode Basil is literally kicking Buu's butt. Buu isn't really taking the fight seriously as he's still "playing".

However, we do get some background knowledge of the wolves of Universe 9. They are known as the "Trio De Dangers" and both Goku and Gohan cannot sense their Ki/power level. Nobody knows how strong they really are.

Basil is pretty strong, although luckily Buu is able to absorb his kicks. Buu doesn't get angry until Hercule gets knocked out when Basil blasts the whole ring.

Due to the power of the blast, Hercule is hurt and Buu gets angry. This is when the real fight begins!

It's cool to see Buu fighting as it's been ages since we have seen him in action. The last time he fought is when he was easily disposed of by Beerus.

Now, we get to see him kick some butt and it's great to see Buu be relevant again. After all, Buu is still one of the more powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

We think that the fight is finished when Buu knocks Basil out of the ring.

The Universe 7 group thinks it's a win, but the pair of Zenos are not satisfied. The Grand Priest orders the match to continue unless one of the fighters are unable to move anymore.

Basil knows he's getting his butt kicked, so the Universe 9 Supreme Kai gives him steroids. The Zenos love the muscles that Basil has gotten, although Beerus is furious.

Beerus says taking drugs in the middle of a match is cheating. The Grand Priest says that the match will continue and they will sort out proper rules once the official Tournament of Power takes place.

Basically Basil has transformed into his own version of a Super Saiyan and the tables have turned. That is until Buu goes for his most powerful attack which is a huge blast.

Basil survives the attack and everyone is amazed that he's still standing. However, it appears his drugs wore off and he is knocked unconscious after that.

With the fight ending for real this time, Buu goes back to heal Hercule to celebrate his victory. As I said before, it was an entertaining episode and it's nice to see a character like Buu getting more screen-time.

Next week Gohan volunteers to fight next and he's up against the orange wolf named Lavenda. Is Gohan strong enough to beat him? We'll find out next week when Dragon Ball Super returns.

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