'Little People, Big World' Season 12 Preview: Spoilers and Secrets

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This Tuesday is the first episode of season 12 of Little People, Big World, and there are bound to be some huge surprises.

This season, we'll see Amy get back into the dating scene, Matt deal with serious health issues, and the kids having kids of their own.

Little People, Biggest Spoiler: Zach and Tori

The biggest spoiler for this season? Zach and Tori are having a baby. That's right, we're going to start seeing new members of the Roloff family.

The couple confirmed that they're pregnant to People magazine: "We are super excited and can't wait to be parents...We are waiting until after Christmas to know the gender to go crazy buying things...We are just enjoying the moment right now."

They also told the magazine that Zach intends to be the disciplinarian, while Tori will likely be the nurturer. That makes sense, since Tori is a kindergarten teacher and has been working with young children for years.

But don't expect them to be crazy parents: Tori said "I'm avoiding the internet at all costs...Just asking for advice from close friends and the doctor." No word yet on whether we're gonna start seeing Uppababy strollers and Burberry outfits in the house.

And hopefully their dog Sully is not going to be too jealous of the new family member.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Little People, Big World Spoilers

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff aren't expected to be having a baby this season -- although you never know what they may announce later.

Jeremy and Audrey are spending most of the season promoting their various businesses, including Aujpoj.com, Beating 50%, etc. Besides selling 'Always More' shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and nearly everything else they can, they're selling text message devotionals for $2/month.

We are likely to see these two celebrate their 2nd anniversary, during which they travel to Vashon Island.

When discussing their trip, they noted that they got rid of their Volkswagen have a new Subaru -- which is interesting given that they recently did a Toyota commercial.

There have been several controversies with Audrey and Jeremy since the last season ended that may be addressed. We had the naked photos of Audrey, which caused quite a stir online considering their conservative Christian beliefs:

We also saw controversies about anti-LGBT remarks made by the couple, although we doubt those will be addressed.

Matt and Amy Roloff Little People, Big World Spoilers

Matt goes through major surgery this season, and things look tense in the season previews. But things end up well, and Matt is doing fine now. You can even see him back working on his projects.

A video posted by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff) on

Matt has also been traveling a lot, and this season we'll likely see him doing some speeches across the country.

Amy, meanwhile, has been dating, and we see her flirting with different guys. She seems to be happier than she was in previous seasons.

On the farm, things have generally been going well, but there have been a few hiccups.

The farm worker that we saw in previous seasons, Camerino, has been deported, although it's unclear why. There will likely be more information about that as the season progresses.

There has been some vandalism, and the family installs cameras all over the farm.

Also, the heavy rains in the area have caused flooding which significantly affected the fall harvest season. And the strong winds have caused some minor damage to the farm.

There's bound to be much more happening this season, and we can't wait. We'll keep you updated with recaps of every episode.

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