Supergirl Season 3 Episode 5 'Damage' Review/Recap

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Season 3 of Supergirl has been a mixed bag for me so far, but episode 5 entitled 'Damages' is a highlight.

Apart from one redundant side story, the main storyline is intriguing and further gives us an antagonist that is sure to make life hell for our heroes.

To fully understand this week's episode of Supergirl, you need to have watched the season 2 finale. In the season 2 finale, Lena Luthor set off a bomb full of lead.

This bomb was to drive out the invading Daxamite army led by Queen Rhea. It is also the reason why Mon El had to leave Earth as he would have died due to the lead poisoning.

Well due to the bomb, evil businessman Morgan Edge (you may remember him from episode 1 of Season 3) frames Lena Luthor for poisoning young kids with lead.

Lena Luthor feels guilty about doing it and has to step down from running both Lexcorp and CatCo. She did this in order to not put anymore negative PR to the companies she works for.

I thought this storyline was really intriguing and different.

Morgan Edge is as evil as Lex Luthor and uses his henchmen and elaborate plans to get what he wants. His plan is to make Lena Luthor's life a living hell no matter what the cost.

The episode kept me guessing because there was one point I thought the bomb really was her fault.

Jimmy Olsen says the bomb was created Lex Luthor, and Winn says there's a chance it wasn't tested properly on humans. Lena feels depressed and guilty and hides out at Samantha's house.

I forgot to mention Lena Luthor is in hiding mainly because one of the parents with a sick child tries to kill her during a press conference.

It reminded me a bit of The Dark Knight where the Joker tried to kill the Mayor, but struck Commissioner Gordon instead. Jimmy Olsen got grazed in the shoulder by the bullet, but he's thankfully alright.

While this is going on, Kara and Samantha do so good investigative work.

They feel Lena Luthor is innocent and that someone else is responsible for poisoning the young kids. Kara and Samantha find out that the kids that got sick all went to the same swimming pool.

Kara uses her X-ray vision to find out that the swimming pool has been poisoned. Kara alerts Lena Luthor about the company that supplied the tainted chlorine in the pool.

Lena finds out that Morgan Edge used to own the shady company. Edge was the one that framed her!

We get to see Lena's evil side a little bit because she threatens to kill Edge with a gun. Edge tries to talk himself out the situation, but a henchman knocks her out.

She is then kidnapped inside a remote controlled plane. The plane is dangerous because it is filled with the poisonous lead.

Thankfully, the DEO find out on their radar system a plane is flying above. They also manage to hear Lena Luthor's distress call.

Kara turns into Supergirl to save her friend. It's not easy because the plane breaks into two pieces. At the end though, Supergirl is able to save the city and Lena at the same time.

Edge manages to get away with his crimes by framing one of his henchmen. To avoid even more suspicion, he says the henchman committed suicide.

Supergirl is on to Edge, although she cannot legally arrest him yet. She needs more evidence before she can bring him down.

Interestingly, this episode teased Lena Luthor and Jimmy Olsen improving their working relationship.

Before they were kind of icy towards one another as they both wanted to be in control of CatCo. Since Olsen kind of saved her life, the two seem to like one another now.

The end of the episode is where things get interesting. We find out Samantha is bullet proof for some reason.

The person that wanted to kill Lena Luthor hit Samantha in the stomach. However, the bullet ricocheted off to hit Jimmy Olsen. Samantha is slowly learning that she is not human.

The only weak part of the episode is the drama between Alex and Maggie. I like the fact that the show has LGBT characters, but their story seems irrelevant when it has nothing to do with the main plot.

Well it seems I don't have to worry about them anymore because they break up. Alex feels it's the right thing to do since Maggie never wants kids, but she does.

Hopefully the rest of season 3 is as good as episode 5. I do like the slow build up of Samantha because she will eventually turn into Reign.

I'm interested to know the catalyst that makes her become a villain. As of right now though, Samantha and Kara are still friends.

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