Dunkirk Beats The Emoji Movie At The Box Office

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Dunkirk continues its dominance at the North American Box Office despite new movies coming out. It managed to still beat out both The Emoji Movie from Sony Pictures and Charlize Theron's Atomic Blonde.

As reported by Box Office Mojo, Dunkirk earned $28.1 million in its second weekend. This is just a drop of only 44 percent to the week prior.

After 10 days of release, Christopher Nolan's war epic has received over $102 million in North America. From a worldwide standpoint, the movie has earned over $234.1 million. The movie is likely going to earn good money in the weeks to come.

Coming in second this weekend is The Emoji Movie. The Emoji Movie had an upwards battle from the start thanks to poor reviews and bad reactions from its trailers.

Since it's an animated film, kids and their parents still went to watch it. It received $25 million in its opening weekend. The second weekend drop could be huge since nobody seems to like the film.

In third place is Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron. The movie is directed by David Leitch who helped on John Wick.

The movie is looking to earn $18.5 million this weekend which is kind of under expectations. Reception for the movie so far is mixed. It's not as bad as The Emoji Movie, but it's not getting universal praise either.

Elsewhere at the Box Office, Wonder Woman is still doing good numbers. In North America, the domestic tally is now at $395 million. It will soon cross over $400 million and become one of the highest Box Office earners of all time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming outgrossed the domestic tallies of both The Amazing Spider-Man films earning $278.3 million. Hopefully it is able to cross the $300 million mark. The global tally now stands at $633.7 million. It still has to be released in Japan and China.

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