Invader Zim Is Returning To Nickelodeon Soon-ish

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90s babies are going to rejoice once again as the hit TV cartoon Invader Zim is set to make its return to Niceklodeon as a made for TV movie.

The announcement was released in a cryptic-ish video which finds Zim making a speech to humans.

"People of Earth, did you really think you'd seen the last of me?" questions Zim.

"Don't you know an invader never stops until their mission is complete? I've been watching you, waiting and soon your world will be mine."

Unfortunately, Gir's little snicker comes in and ruins Zim's diabolical message.

Even so, the trailer continues and at the end, it is revealed that Zim will make his return, soon-ish.

There hasn't been an actual date added to the teaser but judging from the trailer, the movie could be coming quite soon.

The Jhonen Vasquez illustrated show did not make the viewership mark and was cut early, however, loyal fans seemed to have willed it back to life. Check out the trailer for the film below.

Invader Zim Is Returning To Nickelodeon Soon-ish