Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Recap/Review: Universe 7 vs Universe 3

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There are now only three universes left in the Tournament of Power since most of the other universes have all been erased from existence. The only ones left are Universe 7, Universe 3 and Universe 11.

Even though Universe 7 has the most fighters left, they are far from being the toughest team of the tournament. Universe 11 only has three fighters left, but they are the strongest people in the entire tournament.

Goku gets a little bit cocky and mentions Universe 11 is their final opponents. Gohan tells him that Universe 3 still remain and they are far from pushovers.

The first part of this episode is pretty much the remaining Universe 3 robots taking on the remaining members of Universe 7. Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, Android 17 and Android 18 all pitch in to do their part.

It's quite funny all of these members are fighting while Frieza is still elsewhere doing nothing at all. It is a smart strategy though because Frieza is smartly saving his full strength until the very end.

As the fight goes on, Gohan goes extra hard to protect Goku and Vegeta. Gohan is doing this because he wants the duo to save their strength for Jiren and the rest of Universe 11 instead.

Gohan has to face the likes of Panchia, Bollarator and more in a valiant effort. It's great to see Gohan getting the limelight, although I'm hoping this does not mean he gets eliminated very soon!

Elsewhere, Android 17 and Android 18 are doing well against Viara who is somewhat of a bigger robot. Size does not matter though because the Androids don't get tired and they use this to their advantage.

The Androids manage to knock out Viara thanks to a series of Ki blasts and he's out of commission. Android 18 then kicks his body out of the ring to confirm his elimination from the tournament.

Gohan on the other hand still has to fight Panchia, Bollarator and Koitsukai all being led by their boss Dr. Paparoni. Gohan has to keep his head up because Universe 3 implements something called Plan X.

Plan X is pretty much Panchia, Bollarator and Koitsukai merging into one robotic being called Koichiarator. It's pretty much like how the robots from the Power Rangers all merge to become MegaZord.

Anyway, Koichiarator is far tougher than the three robots fighting separately. Gohan is able to hang with Koichiarator, although we can see that he's struggling to stay on his feet.

While we think Gohan is struggling, Goku and Vegeta come from out of nowhere to punch Koichiarator.

I'm a little annoyed Goku and Vegeta have to hog the limelight for the millionth time, but at least Gohan is still in the tournament at least.

Since Koichiarator is three beings, Vegeta thinks it's only fair that they fight as a trio. Goku and Vegeta power up to Super Saiyan Blue to try and take out this big robot once and for all.

The trio fight for a while but then they come up with a clever plan.

Goku and Vegeta distract Koichiarator by shooting out a joint Kamehameha and Galick Gun. While this is happening, nobody knows that Gohan is behind Koichiarator ready to blast his own Kamehameha.

In what is easily the best looking scene in this entire Dragon Ball Super episode, we see Gohan go full power on his Kamehameha wave.

Despite some pushback, Koichiarator cannot hold on and the blast shoots him out of the ring!

I'm so glad Gohan actually got the eliminations this week despite some small interference from Vegeta and Goku. I'm actually hoping Gohan is the one to win the tournament, although that's probably wishful thinking with Goku and Jiren still around...

Universe 3 is not eliminated yet because Dr Paparoni still remains. Dragon Ball Super episode 120 ends on a cliffhanger because Dr Paparoni threatens Gohan, Goku and Vegeta with one last secret technique!

Today's episode was awesome once again with the action kept to the maximum throughout. It was far better than last week's episode since I'm still annoyed at how Piccolo got eliminated.

I also like this episode giving Gohan a chance to be the main character. Sure Goku and Vegeta were still involved, but at least Gohan is far from the skinny nerd he was at the start of Dragon Ball Super.

Next week, the rest of Universe 7 have to join in to fight for their survival. Yes, this even includes Frieza who finally gets off his butt to help his teammates out.

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