Persona 5: The Animation Episode 2 Review

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Persona 5: The Animation continues this week as both Ren Amiyama and Ryuji Sakamoto are investigating the dodgy Gym teacher of Mr Kamoshida from Shujin Academy. They need to go inside his conscience to see what crimes he has committed. 

Much like in the video game itself, Persona 5: The Animation follows the exact same story but everything is summarized in a more concise fashion.

You don't even need to have played the game before to understand what is happening and what is going on.

That said, Persona 5: The Animation is not an anime series where you can just watch one episode and be up to speed with everything. I recommend you watch episode 1 first before diving into the rest of the series. 

Anyway, in this episode we learn that Mr Kamoshida is an abusive Gym teacher often literally hurting his students. He also seems to have an unhealthy relationship with a female student by the name of Ann Takamaki. 

Sadly, nobody at the school other than the students themselves know of the shady past of Kamoshida. So our protagonists Ren Amiyama and Ryuji Sakamoto have to go inside Kamoshida's inner conscience to try and make him confess his crimes. 

If you have watched the movie 'Inception', the concept of Persona 5 is similar. The characters have to go inside the mind of someone to change what they do in real life. 

This is easier said than done because Kamoshida's mind is a castle with lots of guards. However, the two characters do have a little more help this week from a talking cat by the name of Morgana. 

As always, this week's episode has top notch animation and quality voice acting. Not to mention the same awesome soundtrack is also used when the characters finally do a battle with their Personas!

The only thing that might prevent some people from watching this anime is that it has the exact same storyline as the video game itself. I don't mind watching it because it has been a year since I've played Persona 5.

Just don't expect to see anything new from the anime series as everything I've seen so far has been covered in the game itself.

I still like watching the anime though because the story advances at a faster pace. In the video game, cutscenes are way longer and things are lengthier due to all of the battles you have to play through. 

The heroes' quest continues though because not a lot is accomplished in episode 2. We should see them prevail in their mission in upcoming episodes since Ann Takamaki herself will be joining the good guys very soon.

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