The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 Review And Recap: Abra Kadabra Arrives

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The Flash Season 3 episode 18 was on this week and it focused on a villain calling himself "Abra Kadabra".

This guy is originally from Earth 19, but he has since traveled to Earth 1 to find some technology. He also comes from the future and has some important information that could help Barry Allen save Iris West.

After episode 17 was just a musical special, episode 18 brings us back to the main story at hand. The Flash and his team are on a quest to change the future in order to stop Savitar from murdering Iris West.

They have tried their best to change some outcomes, but nothing has changed. There are only 2 more months left for them to change the future.

Abra Kadabra is a murderous fugitive from Earth 19 and he has come to Earth 1 to find some material so that he can travel back to the future.

He comes from the 64th century, although is stuck in the past for some reason. He really wants to get the material he needs to power up his time machine.

Abra Kadabra is important because he knows the identity of Savitar. When Gypsy arrives on Earth 1, she wants to catch him to arrest him.

The team do eventually catch him, but Gypsy has a proposal. He wants to be set free and then he will tell the team who Savitar really is.

Joe West really wants to save his daughter and frees him from his jail cell. Gypsy is annoyed and Abra Kadabra is now free again.

Before he leaves, he chucks a grenade that wounds Caitlyn Snow. Caitlyn is injured and needs medical help. We'll talk more about her later...

We learn in this episode that Gypsy had a partner on Earth 19. Unfortunately, he was shot dead by Abra Kadabra.

This is why Gypsy has somewhat been hesitant to get with Cisco. Barry is hoping they can work together with Gypsy to catch Abra Kadabra once and for all.

The ending action sequence occurs in the city as Abra Kadabra is about to travel back to the future in his time machine.

The Flash manages to run really fast and catch Abra Kadabra before he can escape. He is now under the custody of Gypsy and will be executed.

Barry Allen interrogates Abra Kadabra one more time. Abra Kadabra doesn't confess who Savitar is and is happy to walk to death row.

Barry Allen decides the only way for him to know the identity of Savitar is to travel to the future himself. More on that will be seen in episode 19 which airs on April 25th.

The ending of this episode concludes with Caitlyn. They tease that Caitlyn is going to die from her wounds, but Julian removes the bracelet that stops her from becoming Killer Frost.

Her Killer Frost abilities heals her body, although now she is free to do whatever she wants. What can the team do now with her on the loose?

Episode 18 was a strong episode, although sadly we have to wait another month to see how it plays out.

Episode 19 sounds more interesting since Barry Allen will see what Earth 1 is like in the year 2024. Anyway, this week's episode is worth watching since it didn't have too much filler in it.

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