Ready Player One Rules Over The Box Office This Long Easter Weekend

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Steven Spielberg is a legendary Hollywood director and his movie Ready Player One became number one this long Easter weekend at the North American Box Office. It is the best earning Spielberg movie in over a decade. 

As reported by Box Office Pro, Ready Player One had an impressive 3 day weekend earning an estimated $41.2 million. If we take into account the four day weekend including Monday, the popular movie has an opening of $53.2 million. 

This is higher than previous estimates which should be good news for Spielberg. Not since the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has Spielberg had an opening this large for one of his movies. 

The movie is doing well thanks to decent word of mouth from both critics and fans. The Rotten Tomatoes score for the film is currently 76 percent with an audience score of 79 percent. 

In terms of its Cinemascore, the movie received an impressive "A-" rating from movie goers.

This should bode well for the film going forward as its biggest competition won't be until two week's time when The Rock's Rampage movie comes out on April 13th, 2018.

Pacific Rim Uprising was number one last week, but its second weekend tumbled down by 67 percent to only earn an estimated $9.2 million this weekend.

The Pacific Rim sequel was only fifth this weekend beaten out by Tyler Perry’s Acrimony, Black Panther and I Can Only Imagine.

Speaking of Black Panther, the popular Marvel film is still making a lot of money at the Box Office despite being a film released back in February.

It earned at estimated $11.2 million this weekend boosting its domestic total to an impressive $650 million.

In terms of worldwide numbers, Ready Player One opened with $181.3 million globally while Pacific Rim Uprising is a bit lower with a $142.3 million total.

Nothing can catch up to Black Panther in 2018 yet as its worldwide total now stands at $1.273 billion.

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