Men in Black: International Review

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It's been seven years since the release of the third Men in Black movie and now we receive a sequel by the name of Men in Black: International.

Despite having new stars, the movie does not quite match the greatness of its predecessors.

The thing that made the first three Men in Black movies so fun was the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Will Smith's Agent J had a lot of charisma compared to the more stern attitude of Jones' Agent K.

This chemistry was also shared when Josh Brolin played a younger Agent K in the third movie. Not to mention the Men in Black movies were very unique when the first movie came out way back in 1997.

In Men in Black International, we are introduced to the London branch of the organization with Tessa Thompson now being the main character named Agent M teaming up with Chris Hemsworth's Agent H.

Both Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson showed a lot of chemistry when they previously starred in Thor: Raganrok directed by New Zealand's own Taika Waititi.

Sadly, their chemistry just does spark here in Men in Black International directed by F Gary Gray.

Tessa Thompson's character just feels flat and she is also a Mary Sue because she knows what she's doing all of the time even though she's a rookie.

I preferred the nativity of Smith's Agent J as it was funnier seeing him being clueless at his job.

Chris Hemsworth himself is also flat and doesn't show off his comedic charm. Sure Hemsworth has a few good one liners, but it's too few and far between to make the whole film humorous.

Speaking of humor, I felt the movie to be very boring and unengaging for the most part. It takes a bit of time for the story to kick in and I didn't really enjoy the film until near the end.

There's also supposed to be a big twist at the end as well, but most people would find it very predictable. It's not really difficult to figure out who has been the true bad guy all along!

The most disappointing thing I feel about Men in Black: International is also the lack of fun sci-fi action. We've seen lots of comic book movies this decade and nearly all of them have a lot of action.

For a movie with a reported budget of $110 million, I was expecting to see more exciting action sequences. It also does not help that the majority of the film is unfunny compared to the original trilogy.

Overall, Men in Black: International is just a flat and boring movie that pales in comparison to its predecessors. Despite having likable actors, the film just isn't all that entertaining enough for most viewers.

Verdict: 2/5 stars

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