Zendaya Will Be in the Upcoming Spiderman Movie Confirmed on the Ellen Show

While she made a name for herself on the Disney channel, Zendaya is making her way to becoming a household name.

She recently visited the Ellen DeGeneres show and confirmed a role in the upcoming Spiderman film and also talked about living with her parents.

DeGeneres congratulated Zendaya on her Covergirl cover before talking about the 2016 Kid's Choice Awards. DeGeneres said they missed each other at the awards but she did see the acceptance speech.

Zendaya broke her speech down for those who did not see the show and said that she has been making children's programs for a really long time.

She says she is often questioned as to why she is still on the Disney channel. Her answer to that is she has the responsibility to create positive programming for younger generations that look up to her.

She is flattered when parents come up to her and thank her for being a positive role model or their children. DeGeneres thinks that it's great to see Zendaya taking that responsibility. Zendaya told DeGeneres that she was able to stay away from the "child actor going bad" lifestyle because of her parents. She says that they instilled core values in her which allows her to be more thankful.

She is still living at home and she feels like she and her parents have set their boundaries. She doesn't have to wake herself up and she has a free ride whenever she wants.

Zendaya later on confirmed that she will be in the next Spiderman movie but she could not reveal who she will be playing.

She says she has broken down the preconceived notions of what kind of actor she is in order to take on those bigger roels.

Watch Zendaya and Ellen DeGeneres Talk, Living With Her Parents and an Upcoming Spiderman Role

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