'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Invasion!,' Season 2 Episode 7

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The Alien vs Superhero showdown concludes on CW's "Legends of Tomorrow." They've got their team mates back but the aliens were one step ahead and ready to launch their big attack in "Invasion!" the seventh episode of the second season.

The Dominators have a world-ending weapon pointed at the Earth.

Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl, along with the legends, work together to fight back against the aliens. Stein figures out how to defeat the Dominators but becomes distracted by the 1987 aberration, his daughter.

Nate has figured out the time and location of the first alien invasion. He wants to go back in time to kidnap one of the aliens. Cisco and Felicity request to go along with Mick, Nate, and Amaya to get the alien. Oliver wants Supergirl to stay back as the rest of the group go do something.

Stein and Caitlin are working out a way to defeat the Dominators. She invites Stein's daughter along to help figure out the math. Talk about awkward. Felicity and Cisco get left behind on the ship.

When they comes across the aliens, the Legends realize that one alien might be too much for them to handle. They hold back to wait for a straggler. Felicity tries to talk to Cisco about his feelings towards Barry. She wants him to forgive the speedster but Cisco isn't ready to yet.

Stein can't view her as a real person. He wants to go back in time and erase her from the time line.

After they managed to knock out an alien, a bunch of government officials show up. They knock the Legends out so they can take them and the alien away.

Cisco and Felicity gear up to go save the others. Amaya and Nate can't use their powers, meaning they're all stuck. Luckily the alien is locked in with them. Atom, Canary, Flash, and Green Arrow are meeting up with the president. But someone else comes in her place. The initial rise of metahumans is what attracted the Dominators to the planet.

They want to establish the threat level. Cisco and Felicity bust in to save them. Before they can leave they hear the screams of the aliens.

Cisco persuades them to turn back and save them. After sending him off, they return to 2015. The officials have made a deal with the Dominators. They want Barry, because of Flashpoint, and they'll leave Earth alone.

Back in 2015, the group in the Waverider receives a message from the alien they saved. He tell them about their plan to take Barry. Cisco and Nate vibe onto the alien ship when theirs doesn't call back. The Dominator is not pleased.

Cisco blames himself because he insisted on saving the Dominator and thus changing the past. Just at they figure out how to make the weapon work, they get a message from Barry.

He plans to turn himself in. Oliver, the Legends, Kara, and even Cisco step up to stop him. Jax and Sara come in to alert the team that the ship is opening up.

The ship is a distraction from the big bomb dropped from space. Cisco and Sara rush off in the Waverider in an attempt to stop the bomb. Everyone else stays to take on the alien army. As everyone fights, Barry rushes around to place the weapon Stein made on each Dominator. The Waverider tries to catch the falling bomb but them can only slow it down.

Sara calls in Firestorm for help. She wants them to transmute the bomb into something more harmless.

Supergirl and Flash run/fly around the world putting the the nano weapons on the Dominators around the world. Firestorm is able to transform the bomb and Felicity activates the weapon. The Dominators retreat.

Kara and Oliver having a cute bonding moment. Barry and Kara rope him into a group hug. Cisco gives her a device that will let her jump into their dimension should she need it. Jax talks to Stein. He doesn't want the team to know about his daughter.

He doesn't want to lose her. Supergirl heads back to her world. Sara says goodbye to Oliver, they both look more fondly on their experiences after the Queen's Gambit.

Diggle tells Barry that he needs to forgive himself. Down to two, Barry and Oliver go out for a beer. They agree that they never want life to be normal.

"Invasion!" was a thrilling ending to the four show crossover. With each episode focusing on their casts but never forgetting the characters from the other shows.

Safe to say, it'll be exciting to see the next one. Keep watching "Legends of Tomorrow" Thursday's at 8pm or watch online.

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