Arrow Season 6 Episode 11 Review: We Fall

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Compared to its counterparts, Arrow did not return with the strongest outing coming out of the winter hiatus.

The episode wasn't horrible, but it definitely has us concerned about the rest of the season. Thankfully, the second episode back definitely managed to do a bit of course correction in the episode titled "We Fall."

The big game changers out of the episode prior involved Dinah, Rene, and Curtis leaving Team Arrow officially and starting their own team.

I was worried that this storyline would just be wrapped up pretty quickly, but it seems they are actually going to keep it going for awhile.

We start the episode by following mostly characters we don't know, with the only one we recognize being Police Captain Frank Pike.

Through a series of hacks though, Cayden James ends up killing all the people shown through certain "accidents" like a car's brakes not working or an elevator that electrocuted everybody inside.

This includes Pike and a city councilman, meaning James is basically declaring war.

The good news is that Diggle's implant appears to be fully working now, so Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity try to devise a plan to stop James before he destroys the city.

James even stops by Oliver's mayoral office to basically taunt him. I loved the fact that he introduced himself as Ben Gale, which is a very cool Lost reference from when Michael Emerson was on there.

He tells Oliver he will only stop these attacks if he wires $10 million, which would take all the money they have. James also reveals more details about how Oliver was responsible for his son's death exactly one year prior to that day.

When he gets back to the bunker he talks with Felicity about how exactly one year ago he was in Hub City trying to recruit Dinah, meaning he couldn't have been the one to do it.

This leaves us to wonder who did it.

Was it possible Prometheus as a way to screw Oliver from the grave? The only lead they have is that the information arrived to James after being uploaded from a computer in Corto Maltese, though that lead ends up going nowhere.

Felicity shares the information about James' attacks to Curtis, Dinah, and Rene and they agree they can share such info as long as they're not working together. I also liked Curtis' recommendation that their new team be called The Outsiders, which Dinah shoots down as being a good book only.

While they are talking though, Curtis notices his T-Sphere is reacting to something, which ends up being it tracking Vigilante's visor from last season. They agree it's probably a trap, but they go anyways.

The three split up when they get there, with Vince, aka Vigilante, jamming Curtis' comm signal to talk to him.

He reveals he's a double agent working to take down James, including giving him a tip about down in the subway.

Curtis lies and tells the rest of the team that the tip was from Felicity and they go and handle it, saving two subway trains from running into each other thanks to Dinah's Canary Cry.

After the lead proved to be legit, Curtis reveals to Dinah and Rene that Vince was the one that actually gave it to him.

Dinah is instantly mad and doesn't believe him. They talk as a group though and weigh the pros and cons and decide to play it out and see what happens.

William was supposed to be out of town on a field trip this episode, but he ends up being trapped in a tunnel that is being blown up, leading Oliver and Diggle to have to go into the field to try and save them.

Before they get there though, William steps up and leads his classmates off the bus, even after they were bullying him, and he is stuck behind some debris.

Oliver saves him, which leads to William learning his father is being the Green Arrow again.

Oliver decides to give William some space, leaving him in the bunker with Felicity.

During this time, Oliver is working with Quentin and Thea to set up safe zones where people in the community are supposed to be able to come and be safe from any cyber attacks of any sort.

People don't seem to be coming, but Oliver gives a speech that gets people to start coming in droves, with him even saying they don't negotiate with terrorists.

Back with the other team, Vince sends a secret message through his visor via Curtis' T-Sphere using morse code. This reveals an attack at Oak Street, which is one of the big safe zones.

They share this info with Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity, with the first two meeting them in the field.

They all work together to stop the bad guys from attacking the safe zone, with William watching from the bunker with Felicity.

This was an excellent scene that had the fighting paired with Felicity narrating why Oliver needs to be the Green Arrow for the best of this city and himself.

Vince even saves them by shooting one guy and then killing one of James' men named Boots to keep his secret safe after Boots saw him shoot one of his own men.

Even though they all work well together, Rene makes a point to let it be known they are not joining back up.

The end of the episode had Oliver talking to William about being the Green Arrow and he says he will quit again if he really wants him to.

However, William says he is okay with him being one, as his biggest concern before was being left an orphan, but now he has Felicity too.

After this whole scene, we see Oliver make a call to have $10 million wired to James as instructed to end the episode.

"We Fall" was a dramatically better episode than the last one that seemed to maybe get the season back on track.

Even as a followup to last week's, this almost is like a part one of two, as next week continues the whole cyber attack on Star City.

James finally felt a little more menacing this week and hopefully we'll see more of that next week.

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