'Sweet/Vicious' Episodes 9 and 10 Recap: The Shocking Season Finale

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Tonight was the season finale of MTV's Sweet/Vicious. In the last episode, all of the friendships were repaired and things were set up for a final confrontation between Jules and Nate.

'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 9

In this episode, the Title IX trial begins, with Kennedy and Jules sticking together to take down Nate.

They arrive at the trial and face Nate. Tyler punches him, which upsets Jules. Inside the hearing room, Nate is declared guilty. The school thanks Jules for her bravery. This has the girls questioning the whole premise of their vigilantism.

However, Jules later finds out that her case was overturned by President Mays. Jules realizes that her only hope is to go on the attack again with Ophelia.

Ophelia, feeling guilty about Harris, decides to turn herself in. Harris shows up with Jules at the DA's office before Ophelia can turn herself in.

Everyone starts to turn on Nate, even his friends. But Nate continued to believe that he is innocent. He insists that he was in the right because Jules didn't say no.

Tyler apologizes the Jules for punching Nate, and the two start hooking up in a sultry scene.

Meanwhile, the police investigating Carter's crime scene get a DNA match, and they come to Jules' sorority. But the police think it was Tyler that killed his brother, not Jules. So they arrest him.

'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 10

The final episode of the season begins here. Jules comes up with a way to get Tyler out, by sending a doctored text to Tyler from Carter from someone nearby.

Ophelia finds a guy to frame -- a child rapist -- and they decide to find out his "router number" so that they can frame him. Jules goes to the guy's house and gets the information that Ophelia needs.

That's all that is needed for Tyler to be freed.

At the DA's office, Harris is told that he needs to work on finding the vigilante. He suggests working on solving the many rape cases instead, but the DA says that the University runs the town, and finding the vigilante is their only hope to remain funded.

Harris also finds out that the DA has tried to bury multiple rape cases in the past.

While Ophelia is searching for someone to frame for Carter's death, she and Jules plan a takedown for Nate. Ophelia receives a tweet from Kennedy about taking Nate down.

Back at the sorority house, Jules hands Kennedy a note from the vigilante. This sets Jules and Ophelia's plan into action. Nate gets an emergency alert saying that he's a target.

Every woman on campus starts to scare Nate, and he can't sleep at night. But all of the guys decide to get together and protect Nate, making it difficult for Ophelia and Jules to do their work.

So Ophelia arranges all sorts of situations to get the other guys in trouble. Word gets out that Nate kicked out of Omega Theta, and he has to go hide out in a pizza place.

Ophelia and Jules show up at the pizza place, and it turns out that Nate hadn't gotten kicked out. All of his frat brothers are there to fight the women.

A prolonged fight scene ensues, and although the women are fine, they can't take Nate down. They get a clue from a high Miles saying to find someone named Shelby.

It turns out that Shelby was a girl from high school...and there's a secret that they uncover. They send Miles a note asking for his help.

In a conversation with Miles, Nate explains how he can never get into trouble and how he'll always win.

He says that girls "ask for it" by walking around in tight skirts.

Miles brings up Shelby, and Nate says he raped her but nobody believe her because she was "the biggest slut in our grade." Nate becomes so cocky that he says he will tell everyone "if I want it, I will take it."

Meanwhile, Evan reveals to Ophelia that the woman he met with in a previous episode had been sexually assaulted, and she was told to keep quiet by the school because they didn't want the vigilante to find out.

Evan is concerned that the woman will kill herself, so he and Ophelia take turns watching her.

The next day, at the celebration, a video of Nate starts playing -- it turns out that Jules and Ophelia secretly recorded Nate while Miles got him to talk. In front of the whole school, his secrets are revealed.

At the end of the episode, Harris decides he wants to be involved in helping solve the other assault cases. Tyler and Jules tell each other that they love each other. Evan and Ophelia hook up...

And then, Nate and another of Jules and Ophelia's targets meet to get revenge -- setting up for season 2.

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